Out of the Woods: Why Tiger needs to take more than just a step back

No one can argue the facts when it comes to the legendary golfer who is Tiger Woods. He sells tickets. The ratings for PGA tournaments always gets a boost when Woods is playing. Advertisers of the PGA Tour love him and certainly don't mind hitching their products to his star power. But even though Woods name value still remains, he's not exactly setting the golfing world on fire on the course. He's been battling injuries, granted, but his game is way off, and his play is getting to the point where even Woods has to question how much longer he wants to play as a shell of his former self. Keep Reading

Education and Financial

Customer disservice: Why catering to customer is a lost art form

Lots in the midst of online shopping, ordering products through a computer or buying a piece of technology from a "team member" who doesn't work on commission is the idea that customer service has been rendered obsolete. full story


Women's Clothing

Flat toppers: Summer shoes are about comfort but not in lieu of style

Summer often is quite the perplexing season when it comes to shoes, sandals and footwear. As much as you'd like to believe that every day will be nothing but sandals and shorts and never a need for anything more than that as you walk the beach and slowly but surely wait for Labor Day to arrive. full story