Reboot revelation: Why Jurassic Park worked, and Terminator didn't

So the summer movie season is off and running and has been for the last month, and the audiences have spoken as it relates to the reboot of two noteworthy franchises that started in the early 1990s and are attempting a comeback: Jurassic Park and Terminator. And what movie goers have to say is good for one and not so reassuring for the other. Jurassic Park is tearing up the box office with new leading man Chris Pratt, and the movie still is churning along at an epic pace, knocking off one movie after another for total gross numbers and shows very little signs of waning even with other movies, such as Terminator, coming out as new in subsequent weeks. On the flip side, Terminator didn't necessarily tank, but fell short of its opening weekend numbers and shows little signs of having much life in the United States. Rather, Terminator, the fifth installment of the movie, seems destined to be on DVD quickly and make most of its $150 something million budget overseas, where once popular genres (like rock music for example) go to truly earn the kind of money they need to in order to be profitable. Both movies scored rave reviews and wonderful box office receipts in their so called "heydays", so rebooting them in 2015 seemed somewhere between risky and rewarding. Keep Reading