Top 5 Robin Williams movies

Sadness, shock and dismay befell millions with the news that legendary funnyman and renowned actor Robin Williams reportedly committed suicide at his home in California on August 11. As reports of this tragedy began to circulate through the media, internet and social media, friends, family and colleagues of Williams, who had battled depression, expressed their condolences and talked candidly and honestly about just how talented the late actor was no matter what role he took or if he was participating in television or movies. Williams engaging personality and comedic brilliance can't be ignored or understated. The range of Williams also allowed him to do some of his best and most lauded work in more serious roles that earned him high praise from critics and peers alike. Simply put, Williams was genius at work, an eclectic mix of funny and drama that lit up the screen and truly embodied what it meant to be a star. Williams' unique presence and the way he captivated audiences no matter what forum he took, stage, screen, comedy specials or even as a guest on a late night talk show, has influenced legions of comedians who were drawn to how Williams didn't just play a role; he enveloped it will passion and a penchant for making it his own. Attempting to narrow down the work Williams did and choosing his best roles isn't an easy undertaking, but undoubtedly everyone has their favorites when it comes to Williams and how he magnificently made us laugh, cry and smile with the greatest of ease. Keep Reading