Iconic presence: Wrestling legend passes away and leaves behind trailblazing legacy

Every decade in professional wrestling has its cookie cutter good guy, the one that kids gravitate toward, sells all the merchandise and wins the matches when it matters most. Such is the dance that is wrestling as good battles evil for supremacy in storylines crafted once by wrestling experts and now Hollywood screen writers. But no good guy is complete without his foil, that penultimate bad guy or, as they say in wrestling, "heel," that allows your hero to play the role so perfectly as they work through their on screen rivalry. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin had The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) in the late 1990s as wrestling hit its second boom period. Earlier in the mid 1990s, good guy Bret "Hitman" Hart had Shawn Michaels, a defiant bad guy that ushered in the WWE "Attitude" phase with the creation of D Generation X, a heel, anti establishment, PG 13 and then some group. Simply put, good doesn't succeed if bad isn't better and much more hated. Keep Reading