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Eddie Bauer: If the outdoors could wear clothing, Eddie Bauer would be it

That love and feel of the wind hitting your face, the blood that rushes through your body as you're hiking or climbing or just embracing each and every season with open arms are just a few ways those who love the outdoors describe that cathartic moment they step outside of their home and into their comfort zone.

That outdoor experience also needs to be flanked by a multitude of clothing that prepares you for what Mother Nature might have in store, whether it's the colder weather on the horizon or anything that is deeply rooted in comfort and style mixed perfectly together.

No retailer truly epitomizes that look and feel of the outdoors more so than Eddie Bauer, a name that is both a retail juggernaut of a brand and the namesake of the founder of the company as well.

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The late Eddie Bauer took his love of the outdoors and turned it into a name that is synonymous with clothing that means quality, crafted expertly and melded nicely with a design that caters to the outdoorsmen in all of us. Featuring a line of clothing, accessories and footwear for men and women, Eddie Bauer is more than just retail at its finest.

Eddie Bauer means customer service and making sure their consumers are happy with their purchase, content with what they now own and the name lives up to its storied reputation.

Walk into any Eddie Bauer store or visit them online, and you'll quickly see why customers flock to buy what can only be described as premium anything and everything. The Eddie Bauer look is inspired by the outdoors certainly (you can shop for clothing based on what activity you'd be most interested in) but also has such appeal to it that you'd be hard pressed not to find something for everyone.

For even more savings, customers can find a slew of money saving online by using Eddie Bauer promotion codes that offer free shipping, discounts on an entire order and other savings that bring the lure of love of Eddie Bauer and its brand straight to your door.

The men's section, for example, is quite the impressive haven for outerwear, jackets specifically, and you absolutely will fall in love with the women's array of options as well. From fleece to capris, women will have plenty of options to build a pristine wardrobe.

Of course, Eddie Bauer also has an array of backpacks and other gear, such as sleeping bags and tents, again a reflection of just who serious the brand is in relationship to the outdoors.
But Eddie Bauer doesn't just cater to those who love the outdoors, although you'll be incredibly happy when you are wearing one of their jackets or fleece tops when you're in the midst of a snowy Saturday afternoon.

Eddie Bauer is about luxury that is casual, stylish and appropriate for any individual who wants their clothing to reflect not only a love of the outdoors but an exquisite acumen for excellence in how their products are made.

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Fandango: Long lines and inconvenience don't stand chance

Long lines at the movie theater got you down? Have you ever walked up to your favorite theater on a busy Saturday night, only to realize that you have a long, seemingly insurmountable line to deal with since you don't have tickets already?

Everyone, at some point, has been in this situation, when their movie of choice is either sold out or likely to be while you're 10 or 20 people or more deep in line.

It's at that very point when you realize that you should have purchased tickets ahead of time and done so in a way that would have allowed you to bypass the general public waiting while you waltz past them all and directly to the theater to find your seat well ahead of schedule.

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It's at that point when you you realize you should have employed the services of Fandango, the well known and renowned web site that allows you to purchase tickets ahead of time for all your favorite flicks before you head to the theater to avoid long lines.

That part of Fandango defines convenience and is what the company does better than anyone else in that genre. But what some might not know about Fandango is not only can you order tickets in advance of any movie from the comfort and convenience of your own home, but also find anything from giveaways to great reviews on all your favorite movies.

Fandango also caters to its customers even more so with the option to join the Fandango VIP, an aptly titled service that is free and offers even more perks on top of the already remarkable services that Fandango offers. The VIP part of Fandango allows customers plenty of perks including the ability to return your tickets even if its only a few hours before the show is about to start. That kind of reassurance only adds to the appeal of Fandango, since some may be a little unsure about buying tickets ahead of time should something pop up unexpectedly. The VIP also allows for screenings as well even more discounts off of Fandango and their abundance of services offered.

As affordable as Fandango is, you can save even more with a plethora of Fandango Promo Codes that ensure more savings.

A trip to the movie theater doesn't have to be difficult, nor does it have to be stressful or time consuming, leaving time out of your busy schedule to have to wait for tickets and possibly miss out on the show.

Fandango allows you to bypass the annoyance, sit back and relax and just enjoy the show.

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Ticketmaster Voucher Codes and the Fun of a Live Performance

If you have a passion for theater, concerts or other live performances, getting tickets to these shows -- purchasing tickets with security, speed and convenience -- should be a top priority. With Ticketmaster, that option is a reality because the brand makes it easy for users to find -- and buy
– the best available seats, at the best available venues, for the best prices. Hence the brand's national popularity and reputation for excellence:

It upholds its principles, making it simple to find dates, prices, locations and seating arrangements for that band you love, that musical you adore or that play you admire.

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Indeed, Ticketmaster transforms the theater-going experience, enabling patrons to enjoy a fast
and effective way to get what they want -- when and how they want it -- without any complications, hassles or difficulties in general. The site is a preferred destination for tens of millions of consumers for a reason; because the brand delivers, with excellent customer service and timely information, for a diversity of fans throughout the United States and elsewhere.

And, since Keycode.com celebrates brands and the individual stories behind these respective companies, we choose to emphasize the strengths responsible for the growth and sustained success of Ticketmaster. By putting the consumer first -- and by doing so with sincerity and enthusiasm -- this brand warrants our praise.

All of which explains our promotion of Ticketmaster Voucher Codes: Coupons and discounts that make attending that concert or play possible -- that make buying these tickets a given -- thanks to the premium this brand places on superb service. These promotional codes are our way of confirming that Keycode.com aligns itself with the best brands -- in a number of categories, on behalf of a diversity of industries -- for the good of our users, friends and supporters across the Web.

With these voucher codes, you can see your favorite band, revel in the incredible talent of your favorite stage actors and rejoice in the value we provide.

Now is the time to seize that opportunity, through Ticketmaster, by way of the promotional codes we offer.

Enjoy the glory of the theater, the energy of that concert; enjoy it all!

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HBO Store Promotion Codes and Branded Entertainment

Home Box Office ("HBO") represents excellence in broadcasting; the kind of superior original programming -- daring, groundbreaking, insightful, powerful, innovative and bold -- that not only wins critical praise but enjoys commercial acclaim; the sort of drama that redefines the relationship between, say, crime and the human condition; the sort of investigative journalism that sets a new standard for speaking truth to power; the sort of period piece -- be it a depiction of urban graft and organized crime during the first decade of the twentieth century, or personal decadence and corruption amidst the rise and fall (and rise) of the music industry -- that captivates viewers, transporting them to that strip of boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey, or that recording studio in New York, New York.

HBO is worthwhile programming that Keycode supports, and highlights with our customary pride, admiration and respect.

The actors and actresses that enliven this material -- talent of incredible range and versatility -- enable these respective shows to possess the necessary verisimilitude that makes episodic television seem real: It establishes an atmosphere of seeming genuineness, which has the look and feel of a bygone series of hotels and storefronts, as well as the air of a since-abandoned theater or a demolished social attraction.

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HBO makes its shows achieve transcendence, even the ones that contain great writing but fail to develop a following, because conventionality has no place at an outlet of this caliber.

We believe quality of this kind deserves recognition, which explains our HBO Store Promotion Codes
and the discounts we provide to viewers.

Sharing these Keycode Coupons and Promotions on behalf of HBO, in addition to emphasizing the benefits we offer for every brand we cheer, is something we owe our friends, consumers and supporters.

We seek to uphold the same commitment to excellence that separates HBO from the competition; we pledge to do our best to protect -- and popularize -- these values, with care and consideration, because a great brand deserves nothing less than all we can do; all we know we must do.

That reverence translates into savings through Keycode Discounts and Coupons, giving shoppers the special promotions they covet and the opportunities they cherish.

HBO symbolizes these values, which we champion, in this post, and celebrate, in the savings we underscore for consumers nationwide.

Enjoy those advantages right now.

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Fooled house: What happens when nostalgia doesn't work

When it comes to nostalgia, you can't get enough.
Whether you're talking about fashion and the return of the fanny pack, how much we love everything from the 1980s (VH1 even made a show about it,along with the 90s, too) or when you're watching sports or entertainment, and wonder what it would be like if a certain player played in this decade or if shows like "Seinfeld" or "Friends" would get back to together and what those characters would be doing at this very moment.
But often nostalgia lets us down. It isn't quite what we think it's going to be.
When Van Halen got back together and put out a new album with David Lee Roth, I cringed at Roth's voice, loved the music, but never really quite fell in love with what was going on with the band.
I enjoyed it, but it just didn't feel the same.

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You could say the same about the Netflix premiere of "Fuller House," the revival of the sitcom "Full House," which ran until the mid 1990s, and captivated audiences with a brand of cute and cuddly, life lessons learned and enough cool to satisfy adults and kids alike
Netflix signed on to have "Full House" turn into "Fuller House," which has the DJ Tanner character, a recent widow, moved back to San Francisco with her sister and best friend to help raise her kids.
If that sounds familiar,it should since that is the premise of the original only with Danny Tanner being the widow and his friends, Jessie and Joey, helping with his kids.
The show, unfortunately, never clicks. It disappoints from the moment you see all the characters on the television, what they look like now and once that burn through their catch phrases. The nostalgia piece quickly wears thin and the writing, poor as it is, comes through in masses and just isn't funny.
In fact, some of it could be construed as tasteless in some respects, and the show just feels as though the cast is walking through in some sort of stupor,or they only got back together for a payday.
Maybe some of the cast wanted the job because they loved the characters and thought a spinoff would be the long awaited reunion that fans wanted. What we got was an extension of the Tanner clan that is hardly the payoff fans wanted.
For those who believe nostalgia never fails to deliver, "Fuller House" dispels that notion rather quickly.

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