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ProFlowers: Quality, reliability are tops in door-to-door flower business

Few gifts resonate with the recipient like flowers, gift baskets or anything else that pops up unexpected at your front door, the office or just about anywhere these beautiful bouquets or treats can be.

The question begs isn't so much if you should take advantage of this sort of gift giving but rather who you can trust to epitomize quality and reliability, as the two go hand in hand when you're a consumer who puts their trust and faith into a company to not only deliver the gift but make sure it generates the response you'd expect based on the photo you just glanced at online.

ProFlowers puts its hat in the proverbial delivery ring and scores a decided victory against others who lay claim to being all of the aforementioned things that a gift delivery service should be.

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ProFlowers doesn't pretend to be anything. They are the front-runner and standard bearer in world of at home delivery, with a keen intent of making sure the customer who purchased the gift is just as happy and content as the person receiving it.

From a bountiful display that beckons the attention of your eyes or one savory morsel after another, ProFlowers dedicates its craft to variety in what it can offer customers as far as gift giving is concerned.

Not only does ProFlowers deliver from a namesake is concerned, with a gorgeous array of baskets, bouquets, the online shop also dabbles in such keepsakes as gadgets for dad that can be anything from a pocket knife to a comfortable bath robe to baby gifts that welcome that new addition to the family with a bundle of joy in the form of personalized baby gifts delivered right to your door.
For the convenience of ordering and sending anything from flowers to gifts, plants to berries and everything in between, you can find online ProFlowers Promotion Codes that not only put you on track to have the comfort and security of knowing your purchase is going to be perfect but also save on what you buy, over and above the already enticing prices put forth by ProFlowers.

From a point of sale price that simply is hard to pass up to a collection of products that only is going to serve the customer well when it comes to gift buying and deciding on that special gift for that special someone or occasion, ProFlowers is as professional and dependable as the name would suggest.

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Kitchen helpers: Why some gadgets seem odd, yet surprisingly practical

Remember the Salad Shooter? How about the food dehydrator? When was the last time you saw and used your quesadilla maker?
Maybe it's been a while since you used any of these products. Perhaps these gadgets never made it to your countertop and with good reason.
They were gimmicks, in some cases, but in others they worked as they promised, but you can never understate just how these are marketed and if consumers believe wholeheartedly that what they see, they'll believe.
But the salad shooter and food dehydrator seem like as rudimentary as a toaster and can opener when compared to some products for you kitchen that seem almost as thought they were created in a lab by a mad scientist or something that looks like it belongs on a space ship, rather than tucked away in your kitchen.
Easily the most ridiculous kitchen appliances is a plastic holder in the shape of a pizza slice to, you guessed it, keep your pizza warm. The aptly titled Pizza Pouch paves the way for all sorts of questions as to why you need to have pizza around your neck and why a food that seems so portable on its own needs some sort of carrying case; like you're taking your cat to the vet and need a cage for it.

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From pizza pouches to protective gear, they do make a cover for those who are so sloppy with spaghetti or noodles that you can wear this plastic device around your head for less than $20 and it is supposed to protect your hair and face from the noodles, supposedly, if they're hot or still filled with water.
Finally, who doesn't love a good waffle from time to time, and you'd think that having a waffle iron that makes your waffles into special shapes would be cool, in some ways, like if you're talking about dinosaurs or the face of Mickey Mouse, but what about a keyboard. Yes, a keyboard shape that you can pour that waffle batter over and enjoy a waffle in the shape of your computer keyboard.
If that doesn't make for a breakfast of champions, then you haven't really fallen in love with your kitchen, more specifically the gadgets that comprise them. Sure, the waffle keyboard iron, pizza pouch and others of that ilk are unconventional, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve a spot in your kitchen next to the staples that already reside there.

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Sale priced: Why post holiday shopping is most lucrative of season

Check the calendar today: it's December 26, more importantly the day after Christmas.
You undoubtedly opened up a plethora of gifts, enjoyed plenty of good food and spent time with your friends and family.
But once the dishes have been cleared and the wrapping paper tossed about has settled, you'd be wise to start thinking about one thing: shopping.
No, that doesn't mean returning that sweater from your aunt you'll never wear or you mom getting you gift cards to a restaurant that you don't like (although returns and subsequent shopping are a big part of post holiday shopping).
Instead, the day after Christmas (particularly when it is on a weekend like Saturday) is ripe with sales upon sales, so if you need to return something, do it on December 26 and even if you don't, don't hesitate to consider buying for yourself one day removed from Christmas Day.

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Retailers realize two things: you'll be in the store bringing back what you don't want or need, and that is a perfect opportunity for you to not only exchange the gift but maybe buy more, which is why everything is going to be priced to move.
And even if you aren't returning anything, your best bet is to stock up on a new wardrobe as clothing typically is cut price wise more than any other product. The clothing mark up is always high as retailers tend to want to get rid of inventory (mostly winter styles) to make room for spring but mostly because they want to keep the revolving product choices moving a little faster, particularly when the in store shopping sales are down, and you can't allow those same sweaters to sit there and stare at you for months upon a time.
Retailers realize this and also the propensity for shoppers to look for deals even after Christmas, which is why that day is one of the more coveted for retailers, and typically produces some great sales figures for stores.
Of course, you can't go wrong with buying Christmas decorations the day after the holidays, either. They'll be nearly 75 percent off or more, and you should be stocking up for next year.
The holidays and the shopping leading up to it typically hit your wallet hard, but if you're smart shopper (and you know you are), you planned ahead and realize just how much you'll save even after you're done with your so called and specific Christmas shopping.

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Perfect procrastination: Why last minute gifts hardly unfulfilling

The holidays are inching ever so close, and the malls and shops will be packed even hours before Christmas Day as shoppers begin to finalize their lists at the 11th hour.
And with that procrastination, comes the most common phrase you'll hear as it pertains to the holidays.
"Last minute gift."
Now in the past, you would assume this phrase was negative or carried with it a stigma that was anything but positive. But the truth is two fold: sometimes you can't find just the right gift for someone special or you've forgotten someone important on your list.
So what exactly constitutes a good last minute gift?

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The great last minute gift equalizer easily is the gift card. Now, the argument about gift cards is that they're impersonal and look as though you just decided on a whim to shovel over an Applebee's or Best Buy gift card with no thought behind it and with little effort on your part.
But what about the thought counting? Doesn't that sentiment still exist? The fact that you remembered is good enough, and no one is going to turn their nose up on a free dinner out at a favorite restaurant or the opportunity to buy a DVD so that they can enjoy a movie night that isn't going to cost them anything.
Furthermore, and beyond gift cards, you can't go wrong with lottery tickets as a means to say Happy Holidays when you pair them with a nice card with an equally sentimental message as part of the gift and in conjunction with the lottery tickets.
Lottery tickets suggest that you didn't forget someone, but should be given as more of a gesture to someone who you don't know all that well, but wanted them to know you're thinking of them this time or year. The mailman or perhaps a distant cousin, aunt or someone you don't really see all that often except for maybe at Christmas dinner or a holiday party annually.
You can't underestimate the importance and appreciate that is associated with giving money, too. Whether that's in the form of a pre paid card or just money in an envelope, some people just need the money for this, that and the other thing, and don't necessarily have the need for a trip to a restaurant or retailer. Instead, they just will spend it on what they want. Again, cash is more impersonal, so keep that in mind when you think of it as a gift.
The idea of giving a gift has always centered on not wanting anything in return or doing it for any other reason than showing someone you've got them on your mind during this time of year.

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Book marked: Amazon's physical book store is a head scratcher

You've heard of the online retailer Amazon, right? Of course, you have.
Amazon is, well, just all things to all people. You can stream movies, buy books, buy anything and everything really, without missing a beat and with the simple click of a button.
This all encompassing online entity seems to have it all.
Except of course an actual store.
Well, that is, until now.

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Amazon has felt the need to open a physical, brick and mortar store, this one in Seattle of all places (maybe the constant rain is going to force everyone inside to read and relax, who knows?).
This highly questionable move comes with little provocation and actually feels like a step backward for the online retailer. Sure, the book store is quite the site and has been described as an "extension" of amazon.com, but with so many companies and retailers moving more toward an online buying model for consumers, you'd think that an actual store wouldn't be advisable.
Equally hard to fathom is Amazon opening up a bookstore when so many of the other book stores and chains are struggling just to stay afloat. Places like Barnes and Nobles bank on people wanting to sit and relax and read, and either buy in person or order through them at a physical store.
If that sounds convoluted and far too much work, you're exactly right.
It is. That is exactly what it is.
So why did Amazon decide to go essentially erect a building when one really wasn't necessarily? That question is hard to answer particularly since Amazon is swimming in success with the simple amazon.com, and didn't really need to do some sort of sweeping change to what is considered business as usual.
Perhaps Amazon is of the belief that because they do so many things so well online that they can duplicate that success in an actual store, even if the idea is outdated at best. Some online have run parallels to Amazon and Apple, suggesting that the latter opened up stores called quite simply Apple Stores because the company felt like their computers weren't competition when someone who wasn't an Apple guy was trying to sell them.
Maybe Amazon is so adept at what it does online that it can translate into a store if the Amazon think tank and branch of creativity is running the show.
Hard to say for sure, but the Amazon stores still is a head scratcher, with only time and sales number ultimately gauging the bust for boom that is this new store.

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