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GNC Promotion Codes and Health and Fitness: The Discounts You Want

Choosing the right provider of health and nutrition products is essential for anyone with an interest in personal wellness and safe conditioning. As a retailer of these items, GNC is a leader unto itself: It offers a diverse selection of vitamins and supplements -- and protein bars and organic snacks, among other things -- so consumers can buy the goods they need, for the lifestyle goals they seek to maintain or achieve, through a site that is fast, secure and convenient.

This abundance of choice distinguishes GNC from the competition, making it the go-to resource for consumers throughout the United States. These advantages are obvious, popular and cause for celebration because, when you review the benefits GNC possesses, there can be no denying the reasons for the brand's success. Keycode.com salutes these achievements -- we admire and respect the accomplishments of GNC -- since this company complements our emphasis on choice and service. We reward fans of this brand with promotional codes, discounts and coupons that represent our values, which are a statement about value shopping -- giving you the savings you want, and deserve to receive, thanks to the offers and promo codes that define our commitment to excellence.

Consider GNC to be an icon of strength, of the physical power of its patrons and the symbolic potency of this brand, which has a national following. That influence is real, significant and impressive, period.

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All of which explains our emphasis on GNC Promotion Codes: Coupons and discounts for consumers with an interest in finding the right nutritional products, without confusion or delay, so they can maximize the savings we highlight, leverage the promo codes we showcase and seize the opportunities that we stress on our site. Those benefits are too many to dismiss, and too substantial to ignore.

These promotional codes are further proof of our pledge to elevate the best discounts and coupons -- for and on behalf of the best brands -- so you can enjoy the dividends these deals provide.

These coupons are a consumer's ally and financial asset, delivering something noteworthy and worthwhile.

With these promotional codes, you can attest to the motto and/or assertion that
is the essence of GNC: Live Well.

Take the moment to do just that -- and be well.

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Losing Weight without Losing Hope: A Keycode for Economic Value and Emotional Support

Losing weight requires a proven plan, to shed the pounds and to sustain your hard-won success.

Numerous scientific studies confirm these points, that -- all crash diets, outlandish promises and unsubstantiated claims to the contrary -- the best way to slowly, and methodically, lose weight is with a system that works; with a program that withstands medical scrutiny, and bears the worldwide
testimonials of everyone from a former duchess to everyday men and women, at home and abroad.

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For we face a public health crisis, in which the combination of obesity and early onset of Type 2 Diabetes threatens to shorten the lives of tens of millions of Americans and bankrupt an already financially unstable -- and culturally controversial -- health insurance system.

The good news is that, thanks to Weight Watchers and Weight Watchers Promotion Codes, we have the ability to help these individuals.

We have it within our power to help people by giving them the economic value they want, and the emotional value they deserve to receive.

In so many words: You are not alone.

We know how challenging losing weight is.

We know how upsetting this effort often is.

Please know, however, that we stand with you.

The same rule applies to Weight Watchers, that the brand's longevity is a tribute to the effectiveness of its concept and the strength of it international chapters -- centers that thrive locally, and expand globally -- for the benefit of people seeking to lose some or a lot of weight.

We salute Weight Watchers for those reasons.

We shall never forsake the chance to salute the brand's commitment to excellence, as well as its earned sense of accomplishment.

These achievements warrant more attention from the media, and they should elicit more recognition for something that works so well.

Remember: Your pursuit is a shared endeavor, encouraged by friends and family alike; to inform -- and inspire -- you, so you may feel better, eat smarter and exercise longer; motivating you to keep moving forward, until -- by virtue of what the scale shows, and your body reveals -- your goal is here; it is real, and really impressive.

With resolution, you can lose that weight.

With dedication, you can watch -- and record -- that weight loss.

You can become a weight watcher, courtesy of Weight Watchers.

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Tapping out: Why bottled water has always been bogus

Pepsi, producers of Aquafina, one of the more famous waters on the market, admitted that the bottled water is nothing more than "state of the art tap water."
Whatever that means. But, truthfully, are you really surprised?
I'm not.
In fact, I've always assumed that bottled water, in all its majestic marketing and fancy branding and anything else of that nature, was nothing more than glorified water that comes out of the faucet.
I'd laugh hysterically when bottled water enthusiasts would drink it and revel in just how wonderfully different and healthier it was than the water that comes out of the sink. I never bought into the bottled water phenomenon, and was more than happy filling up my plastic water bottle (re useable, of course) with whatever water was available.

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Even the likes of Fiji, which claim to be bottled at the source of who knows where, did very little to sway my opinion.
That isn't to suggest their aren't more than a fair share of people who live and die by the water that they believe to be filtered beyond belief.
So what exactly does Pepsi do now? Where does Aquafina go from here?
Well, the rumors about Aquafina date back to 2007, and the popular brand still is featured in plenty of convenient and grocery stores, gas stations and just about anywhere that sells cold drinks, so the popularity piece isn't going away or waning much.
Pepsi likely still is making a mint off the water or they'd have poured the bottles out and moved on nine years ago. This suggests that as much as bottled water is the joke at the water cooler it still carries some weight with the masses who still believe in the magic gone awry.
Bottled water always is going to be a force as it relates to the beverage of our choice simply because water is the healthiest drink you can have, but also tap water still hasn't shaken off the cobwebs of being considered a lesser water alternative.
Even with concerns about spending hundreds or thousands on bottled water or how much garbage those bottles are creating, you simply can't say so long to water for good any time soon.

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D dazed: Why lack of Vitamin D spells trouble for your health

I was always told to drink my milk as a kid to have strong bones. Little did I know just how important that milk, and the Vitamin D would be as I got older.
As a child, you don't really think about Vitamin D, aside from the times you mom or dad told you about just how important your vitamins are and that you won't grow up to be "big and strong" without them.
I'm not 36 years old, and I have a serious lack of Vitamin D, and I'm feeling the effects of it. Makes me almost wish I would have stayed drinking my milk. But as someone who grew up and can't have milk or anything of that ilk (lactose intolerant), you'd be hard pressed to find enough Vitamin D now that regular milk or any dairy is off the table.
That thinking is incredibly short sighted given just how important Vitamin D is and that you must have grown up and not heard that you can take your vitamins without correlating them with a food or drink to get them.
Supplements are paramount to getting enough Vitamin D as you can supplement that lack of dairy with a, well, supplement that you can take on a daily basis.

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Vitamin D is underrated by some, particularly those who are short on it, even though a lack of it can lead to intense exhaustion, achy bones and an overall feeling like something is missing. Maybe mom was right about milk and having healthy bones.
Mom maybe forgot to tell us, too, that not having enough Vitamin D can also lead to getting sick more or having brittle hair and nails. Seems as though the idea of taking a daily supplement for Vitamin D wouldn't be a no brainer.
If taking a pill isn't an option for you and you can't have milk, some foods have Vitamin D, as well so you can forgo the supplement and instead focus on the foods you eat. For instance, you can hone in on fish, eggs and cod liver oil (for cooking) to fill your Vitamin D void as much as possible.
Whether you go the supplement route or make it a point to ingest more foods of that ilk, Vitamin D isn't something you want to skip or miss out on as it relates to your body. More Vitamin D might be waiting for you this summer when the sun is hot and at its peak, but until then you might have to settle for a pill a day or putting more foods rich in Vitamin D back in front of you.

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Water proofed: Why you should pay attention to how much water you drink

When it comes to water, you're probably swimming in a sea of denial. 
If someone asks you how much water you drink, chances are you'll be the first to admit that you're drinking some, but not enough.
In actuality, you're probably drinking very little, if any at all.
That is the worst possible scenario you can adhere to as far as your water consumption goes as the value of this drink goes terribly unnoticed by the masses.
That is, until you notice it.
And by "notice," you mean that you'll start to feel different, the physiology of your body changes and you're no longer capable of certain functions or you just feel more than a tad "off."

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A lack of water affects the body in numerous ways, mostly the fact that you'll feel as though your brain function and focus isn't the same as it would be if you are drinking water.
You'll lack energy and the ability to remember even the most trivial of things, some more scary than others.
On other levels, you might feel thirsty but your body flips the switch and actually tells itself that is hungry so a lack of water can lead to weight gain because you're being told that you want to eat.
If your joints are aching or your muscle hurt or tend not to recover the way you'd hope, ask yourself how your water intake is. Do you have water before, during and after your workout? That is a must for someone who is constantly active, and while most gym goers and runners live and breathe with their water intake, if you're burning calories, your water is paramount to ensure muscles and joints are safe and not achy.
Digestion, specifically constipation, occurs due to a lack of water as well. The lack of water makes it more difficult to breakdown foods so that they flow freely through your digestive tract. Adding water to your diet eliminates the bulkiness that leads to being constipated.
Water is essential and we all know that to be the case but tend to overlook its important in favor of another drink we've convinced ourself has health benefits as well, such as sports drinks for hydration or tea.
But nothing trumps the power of H2O and the ability for it to have positive effects on your body as it relates to not only feeling better but having your entire psyche function at a much higher level.

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