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Northern Tool: Buying textbooks takes on whole new perspective

What if you could get all the tools and equipment you want, the name brands you trust and a price second to none all in one place?

You'd think that sounds too good to be true but that's exactly what you are promised and delivered when you visit Northern Tool, the online superstore for all your tool and equipment needs.

What truly makes Northern Tool so special goes beyond pricing and products, although you'd be hard pressed to find better in either category. The array of choices put forth by Northern Tool is second only to how they deal in the brands, namely the likes of DEWALT, Carhartt, Honda and Hobart, undoubtedly giving customers that sense of security knowing that they're buying reputable products from an equally renowned vendor.

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The online store is hard not to be impressed by with the categories and shopping by brand laid out like the perfectly organized garage you'd have by consistently shopping at Northern Tool. As much as the products and amazing selection is hard to look past, Northern Tool also is a company rooted in simple values, founded on the laurels of hard work and making sure each customer that buys from the company knows that they'll be given the kind of service you have come to expect from Northern Tool.

This is a family business, run from the heart and soul of its founder through his children after him, so it's hard not to appreciate not only the work ethic from the Kotula family but also that everything they've created has the working man and woman in mind.

For even more savings, you can find Northern Tool keycodes that allow potential visitors to the site to save even more money when purchasing from the site. In the online shopping cart, Northern Tool gives you the opportunity to enter in a specific code to save on your total order based on what you spend and is available as an online only exclusive offer.

If you're someone who works with tools all the time, depend on them for your trade of choice or are just a weekend warrior with a do it yourself mentality, Northern Tool is a godsend in that it allows you to get the products you want with remarkable service, attention to detail and an online presence that doesn't waste any time making sure that equipment and tools go from Northern to anywhere to ensure customers work happily, proudly and with quality and trust the foundation of every project.

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CB2: Modern, contemporary furniture highlight this remarkable brand

Plenty of furniture stores and others who deal directly in home goods, such as anything from end tables to storage can promise you modern design, affordable pricing and the exact look and feel you want out of those products, among other key drawing points.

Saying it, and doing it, however, as most consumers know are two completely different points of interest.

CB2, from the brand Crate and Barrel, isn't about boasting and subsequently underwhelming customers. In fact, CB2 is the complete opposite.

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They deal in customer service to the highest degree on a number of levels both larger and its attention to the smallest detail as well. What they offer prospective and returning customers is a modern furniture selection that absolutely would be a welcomed addition to any home, and beyond that bedding, bath, outdoor, office and rugs as part of their stunning repertoire as a leader in fine home goods.

Customer appreciate not only the long list of inventory to choose from but pricing that is more than just competitive and affordable considering the quality and craftsmanship that go into each and every piece of furniture or item offered by CB2.

Beyond having stores in all the major cities you could think of (Chicago, New York and Los Angeles among others) and an overwhelmingly positive and eye catching presence online for those who want to browse, buy and have anything and everything CB2 delivered right to their door, the company also is about caring for causes outside of the realm of what they do on a daily basis, focusing mass efforts on involvement in the community on concerns such as ending childhood hunger and promoting diversity in that same community.

The online presence of CB2 as far as products and ordering goes is quite helpful as well to a prospective buyer. They have a section for "room tours," which gives you poignant and perfect ideas on how to set up your living room or office space, for example, if your eye for detail needs a little assistance along the way. They'll map out a few suggestions as you begin to piece together the look you want.

For those who want to save even more when you order online, you can use CB2 online promotional codes in addition to the offers put forth by the brand, such as free shipping.

CB2 is everything you'd expect from the Crate and Barrel brand: breathtaking, contemporary and superbly stunning in all they can offer. But you can't overlook not only their style but propensity to put customers first and foremost on their list of what they do exceptionally well.

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AutoZone: One stop shopping for all things auto

The AutoZone motto fits the brand to a tee: "Get in the zone, AutoZone."

If you need to know what the "zone" is in relationship to the AutoZone, you don't have to look very far.
Getting into the "zone" means making sure you do business with AutoZone, an renowned and remarkable retailer that leaves little to the imagination as far as what you can buy there but also the amount of customer support and service a consumer could imagine.

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When you talk about visiting a physical AutoZone store, you get tremendous support for the individuals who work there, and the store itself does everything to make sure you understand exactly what product you need or even what is potentially going on with your car, truck or SUV. They'll take a look at that engine light for free or check out that battery before you buy a new one, essentially not trying to sell you something you don't need and equip you with knowledge as you begin to figure out exactly what is wrong with your vehicle.

While most stores like AutoZone simply want to sell blindly, this retailer is more interested in making sure you get only what you need. And if you're in the market for replacement parts, tools, fluids or any sort of equipment or accessory for your car, AutoZone hits the ground running with everything you could possibly imagine at your fingertips or just a click away.

They specifically cater to first time fixer uppers and the do it yourself crowd, along with the experience to point even the most intelligent car enthusiast in the proper direction, whether that's with special deals and discounts for parts or a video help section online that allows you to repair your vehicle with your own two hands.

Customers are wise to companies and retailers that are only interested in making money off of them. AutoZone sets itself apart with not only an amazing inventory but a real vested interest in not only satisfying customers but treating them respectfully so they're more than ready to return the next time.

For even more savings at AutoZone, check out online AutoZone coupon codes that give you the opportunity for free shipping and additional discounts on all online orders.

AutoZone zeroes in the one stop shopping mentality with prices that have the most ardent car person who is ready to tear apart a transmission or someone who is tackling an oil change for the first time racing to the counter or online cart to do business with a brand that appreciates the customer and isn't afraid to educate in the process.

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Pier 1 Imports: If ever a retailer seemed perfect, Pier 1 fits the bill

Walk into any Pier 1 Imports store and stop for just a second and really take in what you're seeing.

The sights are stunning, and the overall look and feel of the store transcends just products placed perfectly throughout the store or an adept style and flare for just about everything you could possible want and need for your house.

Pier 1, in a word, is just about as perfect as you get when it comes to a plethora of items for all parts of your home, from the bathroom to bedroom and everything in between.

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To truly appreciate and understand what Pier 1 offers customers, you have to browse their web site or visit a location. While most bed and bath places or retailers in general offer an array of products, Pier 1 has a vision that is unparalleled.

When you see just how passionate they are with not only piecing together items and products that seem tailor made for the perfect home, you'll understand that this is no standard or ho hum company.

Pier 1 doesn't accept average in the form of what they are offering customers. Everything seems as though it's been well thought out, from a simple rug to curtains that call to you the moment you see them.

In a world of designers and retailers that scream satisfactory, Pier 1 resonates as remarkable. Designs are unique and definitely are appreciated by the masses and those who want to furnish a home that is warm, inviting and cozy, while still having a modern feel to it.

Pier 1 has a variety of shopping sections to choose from, including a highly regarded outdoor section for the patio of your dreams or bedroom furniture that is equal parts stunning and sturdy. To look at what Pier 1 offers, you'd assume price would be a point of contention but that is hardly the case.

Pier 1 is quality, underscored with affordability for each and every customer that walks through the doors of a store or visits them online.

For even more convenience and as much as you love browning through the Pier 1 web site from home, you can save even more with Pier 1 promo codes that offer anything from free shipping to a discount on your total order.

You typically don't throw around words like "perfect" or "pristine" when talking about pillows, furniture or bedding, but you'd be hard pressed for a better description of Pier 1 as it relates to all they do well and just how welcoming and wonderful the store is, along with being extremely dedicated to all facets of pleasing the customer.

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Target: One stop shopping starts with value, convenience

What is more important to a customer then one stop shopping?

Imagine as a consumer being able to find one store, one spot where you can get anything from a new summertime outfit to a loaf of bread, cereal or pet food.

That sort of convenience is exactly what Target is all about, as this brand has proven itself to be rooted in customer satisfaction and loyalty. The loyalty part is paramount when you consider that Target has plenty of competition in this sector of shopping, with stores being rooted now in being able to attract customers through the doors by being able to offer them just about anything they can think of without having to hit five different stores on a Saturday afternoon.

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They have men's and women's clothing that look as thought they belong in a department store that traditionally sells items that range from casual T shirts to dress clothes and dresses, along with toys and games for the kids, outdoor furniture for summer, groceries for the moms and dads on the go and anything you can possibly imagine for your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom at your finger tips.
What sets Target apart from the masses is not only its selection, but the quality with which their products exemplify, whether you're looking for a bean bag chair for your man or women cave or school supplies at an exceptional price versus other retailers.

As much as Target wows in their brick and mortar buildings, they're just as adept at online shopping with online exclusives through their web site, fast shipping and satisfaction in the form of products delivered as advertised.

You can easily find, use and enjoy online Target promotion codes or deals, which only adds to the already low, affordable pricing to save over and above on what you want and need on the next shopping trip you take.

Target ironically uses a bull's eye as its logo, which totally fits this retail giant. That logo is one of the more well known in all of the world, right there with the Nike swoosh, Apple's apple and the flying Air Jordan.

Logo's and marketing aside, Target knows their customers. They know how to please them, and they're on target with every piece of marketing, every online offer and coupon code, and never seem to have a bad word said about them.

Those points, among others, make for a feel good story, one that Target wasn't given but earned through hard work and having their finger on the pulse of what the general public wants.

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