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Kay Jewelers: Commitment to quality, selection make Kay king of jewelry

To the general public, Kay Jewelers is known for its remarkably clever advertising slogan, "Every Kiss Begins with Kay," suggesting to potential customers that you can't talk jewelry without Kay Jewelers being the first and most obvious choice.

How right they are.

Buying jewelry is a very intimate, personal process, and one that is filled with plenty of anticipation and excitement because the person making the purchase knows exactly how they want the recipient to react the moment they feast their eyes on everything from earnings to an engagement ring, specialty jewelry, necklaces and everything in between.

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What makes Kay Jewelers so lauded by the masses goes beyond a marketing pitch but rather a decisive and dedicated way of doing business that centers on customer satisfaction, selection and making sure the consumer knows that Kay is keeping its promise to make sure the buying process is as perfect as it can be.

Because jewelry is such an important purchase, you have to leave the retailer with a sense of security knowing that you've bought something that is going to have some longevity to it as far as quality goes but also that you've been dealing with a reputable and informed source in the process of making a decision.

Kay Jewelers not only allows customers to feast their eyes on an array of amazing products, from everything for the bride to be to specialty jewelry in the form of charms or personalized pieces but they have so much in the way of selection that you'll never need to wonder or browse anywhere else.

From a price standpoint, Kay Jewelers certainly makes the most of combining outstanding, tested jewelry with prices that appeal to the masses. That fact, although hard to believe given just how much quality and purpose goes into what Kay offers in the way of products, is what sets Kay Jewelers apart from the masses.

Kay Jewelers also provides an exceptional online service, one that is rooted in ease and convenience from both a service and sales stand point. Kay Jewelers Promotional Codes are available to save even more on the absolutely stunning array of jewelry being offered by the brand.

Kiss goodbye that notion that jewelry shopping has to be laborious, difficult or cost a fortune. Kay combines all the elements of satisfaction and selection to the tune of smiling, happy customers underscored with having the product they want at a price that is going to leave them and the recipient smiling from one ear (or earring) to another.

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Zales: Finding perfect jewelry starts with trusting your retailer

Combing the internet, walking through the mall and trying to find just the right engagement ring isn't just hard work for the average man. That process can be daunting, difficult and riddled with skepticism.

With so many jewelry retailers to choose from and a plethora of options, you simply aren't sure who to trust to fulfill the needs of, for example, a man trying to find an engagement ring to ask the person he loves to marry him.

For instance, so many online stores promise quality, cut and clarity in a ring, when in actuality all you're getting is the complete opposite. The price might be right, but the actual product leaves plenty to be desired.

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You can say the same for the multitude of retailers that battle back and forth for consumer business with pricing that is fairly similar to that of their competition, but the leading measure most customers really want is that sense of reliability and honesty to know that the ring, the service of it and the overall buying experience is just as appealing as the ring itself.

The phrase that is most synonymous with a major purchase is the sale starts after the actual sale. And nothing could ring truer then that of the jewelry industry. Granted, you want that ring to look the part, have all the characteristics of an engagement ring you'd expect, but the support of the staff and knowing you have a diamond that is certified or is backed by the kind of worry free customer satisfaction is equally encouraging and can affected a buying decision.

Zales is not only adept at doing all of those things, but their selection is superb, and knowledge in the field is unparalleled. They don't just dabble in customer service and satisfaction but rather are the standard bearer when it comes to fine, quality jewelry that is eye catching and affordable, along with an inventory of rings, necklaces, watches and earrings that appeal to any price range or demographic.

The convenience of buying a ring or jewelry online isn't always there as some retailers are suspect at best and you wonder if you can trust them to send you the ring as pictured, not to mention, being unsure of a return policy.

You won't have that issue with Zales, with the convenience of ordering from home and having the same competitive prices you'd see if you were standing there. For those looking to save a little more, why not venture online for Zales Promotional Codes, featuring discount beyond the pricing listed, along with shipping offers that could save you a bundle.

Zales shines on so many levels that you certainly can't be surprised at the success of the jewelry retailer. The trick is to not only sell the customer on a piece of jewelry but also remind them through the entire experience and after that their happiness hardly stops at the time of the actual transaction.

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Ringing endorsement: What men need to know about engagement ring shopping

The follow up to the most important question a man can ask a woman, "Will you marry me?" should ultimately be: "Did I do a good job?"
That's what the man is thinking when the woman says "yes" (we hope, right guys) and she's staring at the ring with love and affection.
Yes, she loves you, too, but she's admiring her newest love: that engagement ring.
But for most guys, thoughts turn to self doubt in some cases, wondering if she likes it, even though you ask her a million times over and she keeps shaking her head affirmatively.
Before you reach that point, you should be planning and thinking and then thinking and planning again about how to secure the perfect ring, the one that will be stunning and exactly what she's wanted from you since that first date or the moment she started thinking about life with you forever.

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So how exactly do you buy the perfect engagement ring? 
The word "perfect" isn't the same for everyone. Your girl might be dropping hints at a princess cut and wedding band set, but you've decided to go against that and get her the one that is the higher carat.
Typically, guys should stay extremely close to those hints and pay close attention to what they're telling you about the ring that is the one of their dreams. Women will ultimately tell you what they want, but make sure you steer clear of actually taking her ring shopping. That's tacky if she picks out the ring she wants.
In some cases, that works because everyone is happy but it loses the spontaneous nature when she's already expecting a ring that she saw once before, no matter how much effort you put into the execution part of it.
It also doesn't hurt to take all the information you've listed intently to and take it to a professional or at least confer with someone who has done it before. Being a novice at it isn't anything to be embarrassed about; this is a moment you'll remember forever, and you can't take it lightly and just assume you'll "figure it out."
Finally, don't be cheap. No, you don't have to spend your entire life savings, but you also have to remember that you should spend what you can afford. That means you shouldn't take short cuts with clarity or cut and if finding what she wants means spending at your just above you budget, then make it happen.
The end result should always be your wanting to please your soon to be fiancee and show her that this proposal is hardly formality mixed with little to no attention to detail.

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Crazy lame: Smart watch wins for some, loses for most

The smart watch craze came through with flying colors initially, but now is muddled in shades of gray as far as popularity and just how useful and practical these wrist watches truthfully are.
Apple especially took the world by storm as consumers snatched up the very first generation of watches and reveled in them initially. The whole smart watch concept seems a bit exaggerated truthfully, given that answering calls or sending texts from your wrist hardly seems like the definition of convenience.
The majority of those who bought the smart watch almost immediately had buyer's remorse and didn't necessary believe it was all that much value given the cost involved with it.
Truthfully, you have to understand their point of view, no matter how much Apple and other companies promise that the smart watch is here to stay.
For those who aren't amazed or haven't bought into the whole watch fanfare, it is with good reason. I never understood what made the smart watch so appealing. Granted, you might be able to be swayed by the initial appeal of being able to check messages and emails from your wrist, but is it really that much of a pain to go into your pocket and pull out a smart phone.

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The smart watch feels more like something that was created to make money, a niche market and for those who can afford to drop a few hundred dollars on what can easily be deemed a luxury item.
Think of it like someone who joins a gym and then hires a personal trainer. Well, technically you joined the gym and you know how to lose weight, but the trainer is an added bonus that you really don't need.
The smart watch isn't in danger of being obsolete by any means but it isn't exactly a hot ticket item anymore. Granted, some still look at it as a convenience, but the bulkiness of it, slow response times and a battery life that is worth questioning won't do the watch any favors as far as making it the gadget of the future that it once was dubbed as being.

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Watchful lie: Why you don't need a smart watch

Technology, in any form, can be the great equalizer that consumers gravitate toward for a variety of reasons.
It makes life easier typically falls first on the list as to why we tend to buy without much hesitation.
Think about the first flip phone you had and how we marveled at the idea of having a small, compact cell phone that could allow us to carry it around in a pocket or purse in the event we had an emergency, such as a vehicle breakdown or needed to reach our spouse to let them know you already picked up the kids, without you having to go home and call from your landline, thus defeating the purpose of the message.
That flip phone at the time felt like the pinnacle of pleasure as it relates to technology and flash forward to the present day and cell phones still make calls, but they're adept at so much more: apps, weather, sports, flashlights, GPS, email, texting and mini, portable pay stations just to name a few.
And what do we do every time something new, better and bigger shows up and is released.

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Simple: we buy it.
So when the smart watch hit the shelves, you could easily stand to reason that it would be the next best thing. You have a wristwatch that tells time but does so much more, including surf the web and answer calls without ever having to pick up or touch you phone. Much like that old flip phone made calls and the smart phone version does that and so much more, the smart watch will tell you what time it is, but can deliver well beyond a digital display of the hour and minutes that have gone by on any given day.
The truth is, however, unlike the cell phone being incredibly multi faceted in its delivery and conception, the smart watch feels more like an undersized tablet then the epitome of technology at its finest. Much like the tablet is being phased out by two in one laptops and cell phones that are almost as big and just as proficient, the smart phone is a mini version of your phone and being able to answer a call on your wrist just doesn't do it for you to be able to justify spending hundreds on a device that might end up being a paper weight or on a pawn shelf in just a few years.
In theory, the watch is wonderful but you just can't get too excited about something that does little to stand out of an already crowded field of gadgets.

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