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CheapOair: Travel planning no longer has to be painstaking or pricey

Tis the season for travel, and you're undoubtedly combing the Web in search of the best deals possible for flights, rental cars, and hotels.

Trying to find a price that's reasonable and a brand that's trustworthy can be a lot harder than it sounds, especially since many sites promise a lot but just don't deliver.

Here's where CheapOair stands out from the crowd by keeping things simple: you get cheap flights to some major destinations, as well as hotel and car rental deals that are pretty hard to beat -- no strings attached.

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The brand's solid reputation among its customers as well as the travel industry is another reason for its success. CheapOair is able to get those hard-to-find deals that other sites don't offer thanks to the strong partnerships it has built with 450 airlines around the globe. Now that should put your mind at ease when booking that ticket!

Plus, you can't go wrong when you have a 24/7 call center that lets you talk to a travel agent if you wish to do so. In the age of digital overload, it's nice to have the option of choosing the human touch. CheapOair also frequently offers "phone only" deals, which is another great reason to dial them up if you're looking to snag a last-minute bargain.

Their award-winning app is another great example of their practical focus on searching out the best deals out there. The CheapOair app not only helps users book effortlessly on their Apple or Android devices, but also manages travel plans and helps make last-minute changes to itineraries, which is a super convenient option to have at your fingertips when you're constantly on the move.

But CheapOair isn't just about cheap flights. You can also get some great savings by bundling your flights with hotels and car rentals. This also takes the burden off rushed travel plans, so you don't have to sweat it about having a car at your disposal or just the right hotel to suit your budget when you're in a hurry to get where you're going.

Want to know more?

Travelers can sign up to receive daily travel deals to various destinations by creating a CheapOair profile at CheapOair.com. For more information, please visit CheapOair.com, CheapOair.com/mobile, or check out CheapOair's Miles Away blog for travel tips and trends.

Bon Voyage!

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Sandals Resorts: Your luxurious, all-inclusive vacation is waiting

When you think relaxation, luxury and all inclusive, what comes to mind?

Probably a vacation with you and your significant other that allows you the peace of mind that all is included and you'll not need to worry about anything except sitting back, relaxing and enjoying yourself and an atmosphere that centers on making sure the customer is treated well, with friendly staff and accommodations that are nearly flawless.

That is a perfect way to explain and describe what you'll get each time you visit a Sandals Resort, the answer to your upscale vacation you've been hoping to find.

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Sandals has resorts and locations anywhere you'd immediately think of paradise, from the Caribbean islands in Jamaica to the Bahamas and Barbados, just to name a few.

What makes Sandals unique is more than just the all-inclusive aspect but just how dedicated and passionate they are to ensure you'll have the time of your life and truly revel in what a vacation is supposed to be.

Their resorts are first class, and they always go above and beyond, that proverbial extra mile, to cater to couples that want top notch service and a serene, captivating escape from day to day life. Of course, the all-inclusive part is welcoming, but Sandals is so much more.

For instance, what about the idea that you can have multiple vacations within one? That's the "Island Hopping" promotion they're offering that allows you to enjoy other amenities at various Sandals locations as part of one vacation to the Caribbean. Imagine being able to plan a vacation knowing that you can experience all that Sandals offers with one price point involved. You can take advantage of last minute specials, and you'd be wise to keep in mind that not only is Sandals offering you perfect accommodations and backdrop for your vacation, honeymoon or excursion but also a bevy of activities and other services that go along with the atmosphere you're currently soaking in at the moment.

For even more savings or promotions on your next Sandals Reports vacation, check out promotional codes for Sandals Resorts.

Sandals Resorts has the name recognition, the rave reviews and everything you could want from a vacation, but they aren't about to stop trying to give you, the customer, even more every time you choose them, whether it's going from one island to another or offering you every possible amenities and service at your fingertips.

That way, when the vacation is over, you'll have created memories that will last a lifetime and an experience that Sandals has given to you that will stay with you just as long.

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Loews Hotels: Luxury personified with top flight accommodations

What's the one thing you don't want to skimp on when choosing a hotel?

The correct response can be answered with another question.

Why should you settle for just one thing?

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That's because when you choose a hotel, you want the brand and company to understand just how important the right place to rest your head is, whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, and that anything less than luxury isn't going to be acceptable.

In a sea of providers and uncertainty on where to go and the difference between what you actually get when you arrive versus what you see online when you initially view, one hotel stands out among the crowd.

Loews Hotels transcends the simple and instead is the superb. When all you want is a hotel to truly treat you like a guest and provide services that make you feel at home, Loews Hotels is the clear cut choice.

Loews Hotels are scattered across the United States and Canada, found in most major cities. The major difference between Loews and other hotel chains and providers is just how passionate they are toward their customers, the ones who choose them and select Loews as their hotel preference.

Loews Hotels not only providers the essentials and what you'd expect from a hotel but also space for your business meetings, any event you have in mind and accommodations for anyone, regardless if they're traveling with a pet or a very particular partner.

Booking through the Loews Hotel web site is easy, and rates aren't outrageous by any means. For even more savings on Loews Hotel, check out Loews Hotels promotion codes. For special events, Loews has your next meeting coverage in class and style, or you can check out their always welcome packages that include breakfast, a special rate on dinner for two or any number of promotions that you can enjoy with your next stay.

If your last travel experience lacked a little bit of an elite, upscale feel to it, don't make the same mistake with your next piece of traveling. Make sure your next trip to Chicago, flight to Los Angeles or stay in New York, you think long and hard about a hotel that has your best interest in mind and exudes high class comfort at an affordable price.

Where you stay shouldn't be a lingering question mark but rather you enjoying the lap of luxury every time you stay at Loews.

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Travelocity: The skies, road and room never looked so friendly

One of the more challenging elements of traveling really has nothing to do with the actual flight or drive to your destination or even being able to rest your weary head on a comfortable bed in a top flight hotel but rather exactly how to find all of that with the right price and credibility at the forefront.

Enter Travelocity.

This site is one that specializes finding the right hotel, the right flight, car rental and anything and everything associated with traveling at a price that is affordable. What Travelocity does so well, however, is put the prospective traveler at peace when it comes to knowing they're not going to be driving in a clunker, in the midst of a poor flight or worse yet a hotel that is hardly a four or five star gem.

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Travelocity simply takes the worrying out of planning with a one stop center for all of the aforementioned amenities you need but also adds vacation packages, cruises or even a section dedicated to the consumer who already knows where they're headed but might want a little know how on what they can partake in while they're on vacation.

The meat and potatoes of what Travelocity does is bring together a search engine of epic proportions that allows would be travelers to compare what usually matters most (although quality isn't far behind) and that's cost. Having a searching tool of this magnitude makes the planning part that much easier to assess since you have to put in a few key pieces of information to see how pricing compares.

For even more chance to save, would be travelers also can find a plethora of online Travelocity promo codes that allow you to save that much more as you begin to finalize your travel plans from the comfort of your own home.

The days of the in person traveling agencies have fallen by the way side and in its place are a bevy of online entries that promise to give you a positive experience. Travelocity promises and ultimately delivers to customers the perfect trip from start to finish.

As stressful as traveling can be, that peace of mind that is missing could easily be found through Travelocity, standing behind their promise that your next greatest adventure, trip or excursion doesn't have to be excruciating.

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Otel.com: Quality hotels at affordable prices have never been easier to find

Plenty of web sites and online providers boast just how well they can track down the best pricing possible, whether they're talking about anything from dish detergent to t-shirts and especially travel, hotels specifically. But how do you know they're giving you an honest comment?

Think about, for example, finding the perfect accommodations at the right price. So many providers will attempt to redirect you to their web page and promise hotel stays at a price that is unbeatable or cannot be matched, but the average consumer is so inundated that choosing one can be difficult.

Then, you have that one premiere site that focuses on hotels specifically and deliver as promised. Say hello to otel.com.

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otel.com deals directly with customers to ensure they get the best deal possible on hotels when it comes to price, but the company and what they provide goes well beyond just pricing. Of course, you can argue that price is truly what makes the biggest difference as the average consumer knows just how pricey a hotel can be.

With otel.com, you have peace of mind knowing that not only is price not going to be an issue, but you'll be equally relieved to know you have round the clock support for all of your hotel needs, along with a Best Rate Guarantee, touted on otel.com to anyone unsure about booking through them.
The Best Rate Guarantee means if you find a rate as good as what otel.com is offering, they'll not only match that rate but also add three percent off your purchase through them just to make sure you know how serious and trustworthy they are when it comes to booking your hotel.

A quick glance at all the customer testimonials shows just how otel.com serves customers over and above other online entities that deal in the same realm of savings. otel.com pinpoints its attention on hotels, so they're not preoccupied with anything other than accommodations and making sure yours are affordable and underscored with quality options.

As remarkable as the pricing and promotions are at otel.com, you can find even more savings with otel.com promo codes.

Anyone who has had the unenviable experience of staying in a poor hotel knows just how much that can derail a vacation experience or trip in general. otel.com isn't going to let that happen and anyone booking through the can be certain the price and place will be right.

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