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Otel.com: Quality hotels at affordable prices have never been easier to find

Plenty of web sites and online providers boast just how well they can track down the best pricing possible, whether they're talking about anything from dish detergent to t-shirts and especially travel, hotels specifically. But how do you know they're giving you an honest comment?

Think about, for example, finding the perfect accommodations at the right price. So many providers will attempt to redirect you to their web page and promise hotel stays at a price that is unbeatable or cannot be matched, but the average consumer is so inundated that choosing one can be difficult.

Then, you have that one premiere site that focuses on hotels specifically and deliver as promised. Say hello to otel.com.

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otel.com deals directly with customers to ensure they get the best deal possible on hotels when it comes to price, but the company and what they provide goes well beyond just pricing. Of course, you can argue that price is truly what makes the biggest difference as the average consumer knows just how pricey a hotel can be.

With otel.com, you have peace of mind knowing that not only is price not going to be an issue, but you'll be equally relieved to know you have round the clock support for all of your hotel needs, along with a Best Rate Guarantee, touted on otel.com to anyone unsure about booking through them.
The Best Rate Guarantee means if you find a rate as good as what otel.com is offering, they'll not only match that rate but also add three percent off your purchase through them just to make sure you know how serious and trustworthy they are when it comes to booking your hotel.

A quick glance at all the customer testimonials shows just how otel.com serves customers over and above other online entities that deal in the same realm of savings. otel.com pinpoints its attention on hotels, so they're not preoccupied with anything other than accommodations and making sure yours are affordable and underscored with quality options.

As remarkable as the pricing and promotions are at otel.com, you can find even more savings with otel.com promo codes.

Anyone who has had the unenviable experience of staying in a poor hotel knows just how much that can derail a vacation experience or trip in general. otel.com isn't going to let that happen and anyone booking through the can be certain the price and place will be right.

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Hotels.com Promotion Codes: Finding the right room at the right price for your next vacation

If there's one topic of discussion during the peak travel season that comes up without fail, it would be how to save money on your upcoming vacation.

Individuals, couples and families alike comb through their itinerary and plans in the hopes of uncovering any way possible to save a few dollars, on dining, flights and lodging.

One aspect of vacationing that you won't have to worry so much about is finding a hotel at the right price,. That is, at a cost that won't break the proverbial bank. The hotel also must also provide the right location and amenities, and be easy to book without restrictions.

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Thanks to Hotels.com, the pensive all out search for a hotel doesn't have to be difficult or taxing.

Hotels.com is a superb brand and specializes in booking hotels online, and still offers great service as well via the telephone. Hotels.com offers an array of hotel options to the tune of more than 300,000 site selections.

What really sets Hotels.com apart from other online booking sites is its ability to reach such a vast amount of hotel rooms, condos and other means of lodging, along with a simple, approach to not only a huge selection but the best deals and value so that your vacation doesn't have to be bogged down by overpriced rooms.

That value extends to not only their online presence but also online Hotels.com promotion codes that allow customers to save even more through web sites that deal directly in taking what Hotels.com does so well and adding to it by even more savings.

Suddenly, that vacation isn't looking so pricey after all. Hotels.com is so obvious of a choice when it comes to booking your next room for vacation or an reason really that they've developed a spokesperson of that same name (Captain Obvious). You don't have spend much more than a few seconds on Hotels.com to fully understand that the name says it all.

They deal directly in hotels and the means of lodging to the point that they're the front-runner in a crowded field of others telling you to visit their site to find the best pricing. That's all well and good but with Hotels.com you'll sleep quite comfortably knowing the one stop shopping for a hotel room was booked by the very best in the business.

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Travelocity Promo Codes and the Hospitality Industry: The Savings You Deserve

As an online travel agency, Travelocity sets the standard for excellence -- it is a leader on behalf of the hospitality industry in general -- because of its commitment to values, both moral and monetary. That fidelity distinguishes this brand from the competition because, when you compare
Travelocity with other sites, the difference between this established enterprise and other businesses is obvious: No other site is as convenient and expeditious -- no other site is as innovative and inspiring within its respective field -- as Travelocity, period. These strengths speak to the company's integrity, as well as its emphasis on superb customer service.

Keycode.com acknowledges these benefits -- we celebrate these attributes -- because they are essential to building a brand that resonates with travelers of all interests, from busy executives to vacationing families and couples to individuals throughout the United States. Simply stated, we want to give these people the discounts, coupons and promotional codes they want to receive and deserve to have.

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Think of Travelocity as the latest example of our respect and admiration for brands with an impressive history, a secure and loyal clientele, and positive name recognition from a diversity of users -- at home and abroad.

Hence our emphasis on Travelocity Promo Codes: Coupons and discounts that make booking your forthcoming trip, for business or pleasure, fast and easy. Those rewards are too great to ignore; they are too plentiful to dismiss, which is why, to reiterate an earlier point, Travelocity is a brand -- with all the attendant privileges that consumers associate with a site of this caliber.

With these promo codes, you can transform the way you plan and pay for a trip.

These advantages are a traveler's principal asset, eliminating the hassle, confusion and expense of using a less dynamic travel agency.

With these discounts, the public has a chance -- one they should seize -- to markedly improve the process described above. The experience is worth it; the numbers compel it; the savings demand it.

This opportunity is our gift to you.

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Ship wrecked: Why cruises are so badly overrated

My initial cruise experience was marred by the way I came about the trip.
I got a phone call that I won a free vacation. I put my name in a drawing, and was told that I was the proud owner of a cruise.
Little did I know, I had to sit through a "presentation" to get it. You know what I'm talking about, that presentation where you get the free cruise as long as you sit through hell and high water in the way of salespeople peppering you to sign up for additional cruise or vacation packages.
I was able to stave off the sales force only to participate in this farce of a cruise.
The vacation was hardly what I expected, and I think cruises have finally been crossed off my lists for good.

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The trip itself was "free" even though I paid $200 in taxes to go on the trip. That price tag when it was all said and done seemed high since I didn't have a good time whatsoever.
And here's why.
We got stuck. We lost power. It literally rendered the entire cruise obsolete to the point that nothing would (or could) happen. In addition to the lack of lighting, the cruise was oversold to the point that any swimming or dancing, eating or drinking was done bumping elbows with other people no matter how much you tried to isolate yourself from what looked like a stadium Rolling Stones concern on water.
Our room was positioned close to an elevator on the cruise ship, and this turned into nothing more than six days and five sleepless nights with the pitter patter of more than just little feet. It was one loud conversation after another and when sleep was an option, our day on the cruise ship didn't get started until noon when we finally woke up after our broken up sleep schedule thanks to feeling as though we were trying to sleep on the dance floor itself.
Finally, the food wasn't all that great, and I'm on a healthy, very clean diet and the menu was mostly food I couldn't eat. I regretted instantly I didn't pack a few snacks that were part of my dairy and gluten free diet.
So this "free" cruise was one that you couldn't give away to me again if you tried. I lost my sea legs because the moment I stepped on that boat they were cut out from underneath me.

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Flying high: Why your flight reeks of convenience but not devoid of annoyance

I've officially transitioned over from driving everywhere to eliminating my tire to road mentality in favor of the friendly skies of flying from one destination.
How friendly they are remains to be seen.
The truth is flying is super convenience, fast and efficient, versus the alternative of packing up the family car for a summertime vacation or for work purposes, getting from A to B without lugging around your SUV from one stop to the next and getting all too frustrated with what is happening on the road around you.
Flying always makes the most sense when you consider geography and that a trip rom Pittsburgh to Tennessee takes about 10 hours in the car and only a few hours through the air.
Yes, we get it, flying is king when it comes to means of travel.

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But just because the actual art of getting on to a plane and getting where you're going faster than you should doesn't mean you won't be met with some hiccups and annoyance along the way.
Perhaps the biggest issue you'll run into is the amount of customer service that can be considered sub par when you attempt to navigate through the check in procedure. For instance, have you ever been late for a flight? Sure, we all have at some point, and if you don't already have your boarding passes printed and ready to go if you're late, they can actually refuse to print them for you and subsequently you'll miss your flight.
At least that's the rule they'll tell you.
Furthermore, the passengers aren't always cooperative for your in flight enjoyment, either We've all sat next to someone who has smelly food from the terminal with them (fish tacos and sour cream doesn't mix with the air up here), or the person who thinks that the drink cart is the equivalent of an open bar, and can't help themselves otherwise.
That extra drink or two on the plane also can turn the once quiet and passive passenger into the guy in row six that won't shut up and constantly is yammering on to anyone who will listen.
Also, you could easily be that "anyone," as passengers who can't help but talk your ear off even though you don't know them tend to me tough to deal with, when all you want to do relax, get work done or even sleep.
Flying can be one of the easiest and quickest forms of transportation, and the actual act of flying hasn't changed but from passengers to announcements and those wearing those those wing pins can deter you from having the kind of flight that is free and clear of chaos.

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