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Online but off based: Why certain items should never be purchased online

You can argue that online shopping has supplanted in store buying as the preferred method of devouring and accumulating various products and items that range from must haves to actual essentials.
What you're purchasing online should be viewed as more than just an afterthought particularly with certain buys that are better left in the store, rather than taking the chance of ordering and leaving the transaction completely unsatisfied and wishing you would have skipped the online checkout in favor of an actual line of people and person behind a register.
So what exactly shouldn't you buy online?
One big ticket item that stands out from the crowd as far as avoiding buying online is any sort of vehicle. Buying sight unseen might work for cutlery, drapes or other random household items but doesn't work with something as expensive and worthwhile as a car, truck or SUV.
Cars seem like an obvious choice when it comes to avoidance as part of online buying but what about clothing? You'd think that clothing is one of those online genres that is tailor made for online shopping, along with electronics or bedding. But clothing can be quite the swing and miss in terms of online shopping, unless of course you're stocking up on an item that you've already purchased in store. Taking the chance that those jeans you fell in love with online are going to fit as perfectly as they look in that picture. The same can be said for dresses and tops in particular. The problem is clothing looks so amazing and perfect online that it's hard to pass on but common sense and buying acumen should take precedent, as hard as that may be to do when it comes to shopping.

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The same mentality behind skipping the skirts online pertains to something much more paramount: prescriptions. Some prescriptions, in terms of side effects, you already know well if it is something you've used previously. Buying a new prescription online isn't advisable since having a live person, in this case a pharmacist or physician, could help mitigate your fears of starting a new drug.
Not quite as important as prescription drugs, but furniture is another iffy, impromptu buy online. Furniture is a product that needs a test drive, just like that car sitting in your driveway that you bought sight unseen. The lure of buying furniture or anything that you need to be comfortable (like a mattress or shoes) is something you plan on keeping for quite some time so if it isn't tried ahead of time, you (and everyone bone in your body that wants to relax) might be regretting it for quite a while.
Online buying is equal parts convenient and instantly gratifying but that feeling only exists when you select the right products on the web versus hand picking them in person.

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