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Flu fighters: How certain foods help stave off sickness

Flu season brings with it a bevy of battles between you and this pesky virus in the hopes that avoidance is the end result thanks to plenty of preparation.
Of course the Ebola scare might have taken a little steam off the chaos and panic that is planning to fight off the flu with everything from a simple shot to mom's homemade chicken noodle soup. The latter might sound a little like witchcraft rather than real medicine, but you shouldn't discount the importance of food as it relates to staying healthy and either stopping the flu from hitting you hard this winter or shortening the length of it if it somehow finds its way to your immune system.
The issue with food as it relates to the flu is that there are plenty of misnomers and myths that might cloud your vision. For instance, there's nothing wrong with consuming Vitamin C. It's an essential vitamin that should never be overlooked, but for those who believe it helps fight off the flu or stop it in general are sorely mistaken.
And as for that chicken soup, it won't fight off the flu per say but a few of the ingredients, when added, certainly will. One staple that should be in your flu fighting soup is garlic, a powerful, potent that is filled with actual antiviral properties that squashes the flu bug without fail. Playing a close second to garlic is the onion, which is includes the same flu fighting, virus busting capability as its friend, the garlic clove.
The root of what the flu attacks is your immune system, so loading up on the antioxidants is paramount to playing a key role in staying healthy during flu season. Antioxidants come in many shapes and sizes and may be included in the foods you're already eating or beverages you're drinking. If they're not, infusing them into your eating regimen and daily repertoire might be the difference between being stuck on the couch for weeks or flourishing in the face of the flu.

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Those antioxidants are most enjoyed in the form of raspberries, blueberries and a melange of spices lead by turmeric and cinnamon. From a fruit standpoint, as much as you adore your Vitamin C, you should stick to the berries.
And bashing that old soup myth isn't in the cards, either. Chicken soup is your flu salvation and has been proven to help shorten the flu or flat out knock it out before it reaches you.
So as much as you love and respect the science that is the flu shot, it isn't a full proof plan against the flu. Adding food to the mix, the kind that is tailored to tackle sickness, is a one two punch even the most vexing virus can't overcome.

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