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Candy conned: How to avoid weight gain that begins with Halloween

As the calendar turns toward the end of October, the conversation inevitably shifts in the direction of food.
Of course, you might assume that has to do with the plethora of Halloween candy that will be floating around the stores and somehow make its way to your home, whether you are buying it to give away or if your children are going to be bringing home boat loads of it as part of trick or treating.
The real trick is somehow resisting the temptation of not only picking a few pieces of candy from your kids' haul but also not succumbing to snatching your candy leftovers once October 31 and all the festivities and activities that go along with it comes to an end.
You see Halloween, October 31, is the beginning of what is typically for the masses a difficult time to stay focused on keeping your summer body intact, despite so many distractions that can derail your diet. Halloween gets the ball rolling with enough chocolate to make Willy Wonka jealous, but your fight on the fright night is only the beginning.
Soon enough, Halloween turns into Thanksgiving and then the holidays hit and suddenly you're engulfed and entrenched in tons of main courses, side dishes, cookies and desserts to the point that you realize you haven't managed to sneak in a vegetable or piece of fruit since the end of summer.

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So how exactly to you avoid holiday weight gain?
Chances are even the most ardent and studious of exercisers and health food junkies most likely will put on at least a few pounds, but the goal in this situation is to primarily stay on course for the most part, but not depriving yourself of at least a few treats through the remainder of the year.
What most tend to do, at least the ones aiming to stick to their diets or healthier way of eating, is swear off any sweets or junk food, and what tends to happen is a binge of epic proportions. The key to surviving the holidays is moderation and maintenance. The latter comes in the form of not only food and staying relatively honest with what you're eating but also making time for exercise.
Unfortunately, exercise often takes a back seat due to anything from finding the perfect Halloween costume, grocery shopping for meals and shopping and not only are you eating poorly but you also are skipping the activity portion of your day.
Enjoying the next three months is paramount but your excitement and how you carry yourself shouldn't be in lieu of keeping up the way you've been eating and exercising the entire year previously.

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