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Shop till you flop: Never pay full price for certain items

Saving money as it relates to shopping always is in the forefront of the minds of consumers.
No matter what the product or service might be, most customers can't wait to figure out a way to save money on the deal. Now certain items fall under the category of not necessarily wanting a discount, with your best bet to pay full price no matter how lucrative the sale might be.
Typically things like discounted cars or homes come with some sort of a loop hole or "as is" tag line, and any elective surgery that you have to pay out of pocket for shouldn't come with a coupon (think about how Lasik eye surgery would sound if it was buy one eye, get one free?).
Aside from your home, vehicle or eyes, everything else is fair game as it relates to saving money but certain products stand out more so than others as those you should never pay full price for, and if you do, you should rethink your spending habits and just how competent you are at saving money.
Besides restaurant food, not much has a higher markup than clothes. If you happen to be one of those shoppers that buys fall clothing just before the leaves start to hit the ground, then you're undoubtedly paying full price and much more than the savvy customer who buys clothing in the off peak parts of the season

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As summer winds down, for example, you should start thinking about stocking up on clearance shorts, T shirts and perhaps even a bathing suit for next year. Same mentality should be prevalent for winter (i.e. buying next year's winter jacket just before spring).
In addition, certain groceries and household products belong on the not so expensive, full price list. If you look at items like bleach, household cleaners and all purpose sprays and soap, shampoo and conditioner, you should stick to "generic" name brands versus buying from the better known companies.
Taking that approach is going to save you thousands over the course of a calendar year, and that makes you feel even better when you realize at a closer glance that you still got the same functionality within what you bought only without the absurd price tag.
What is almost as laughable is paying full price for electronics or books. These two products seem like they couldn't be more opposite but in actuality, when it comes to buying them, couldn't be more similar. Books are a relic, a dying entity, and if you're buying that latest "how to" or biography at a physical book store for full price, you might need to check a calendar and realize that it is 2014. Books are best served to buy online, used or from retailers such as Amazon. Downloading them to your e reader also is more financially sound than that antiquated hard back book.
Speaking of downloading, you don't always need the latest and greatest gadget. Settling for last year's model isn't all bad. The recently released iPhone 6 sold millions but sales of the iPhone 5s also spiked because the price went down. The latter still is a remarkable phone, and consumers that understand that saved big.
And, in the end, isn't that really the goal? Get what you need and want, only devoid of dipping deeper into your pocket's than you'd like.

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