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Food flight: You'll be flying high after you transform your favorite foods into healthy ones

Everyone has a favorite food, the kind of dish or dessert that you simply can't resist no matter how hard you try or how fattening it might be.
But rarely does your most loveable meal double as the healthiest one you'll eat for the duration of the day. Most of the time, you're preoccupied with trying to eat healthy, exercise, lose weight or maintain anything from low blood pressure to keeping your digestive issues in check.
That means lots of greens, fruit and vegetables, topped off with lean meats and proteins and the kind of carbohydrates that aren't complex. You'll have the occasional "cheat day" but even that isn't enough to satiate your appetite for the foods you love but aren't always on your eating itinerary.
A little creativity, time and patience can actually transform your favorite foods into something that is barely unrecognizable to your eyes but your palate will remember what it is tasting quite fondly, since you've managed to turn hamburgers, French fries and macaroni and cheese into something that isn't going to make you feel sluggish or guilty after you eat it.
The problem with most so called fatty or unhealthy foods is that they're served at restaurants or fast food shops at their worst form. A dish like macaroni and cheese is meant to taste good so when you order, it is going to be heavy on the fat and dairy, not to mention the incarnations of the classic dish (have you ever tried deep fried mac and cheese bites?).

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But macaroni and cheese can be paired with low fat cheeses that cut the calories in half, and instead of frying the favorite why not try to bake it instead?
Your burger is going to be busted after you realize that leaner beef isn't going to make much difference taste wise, and pairing it up with sweet potato fries certainly will help your healthy eating cause.
Even though winter is on the way, you still want to make sure you give grilling a chance even after the temperature drops. Grilling not only allows any excess fat to drip off but also avoids the idea of using butter and oil to cook in a sauce pan.
And for those who believe they're too busy to cook a healthy meal, say hello to your best friend in the kitchen when it comes to healthy cooking: the crock pot. This allows you to set the meal in the morning or even the night before and let it simmer, soak and smell delicious all day. Better yet, the meal is ready to eat when you go home, and you've cooked something that is healthy.
At the end of the day, everyone wants to eat better but without sacrificing taste. What was originally viewed as an impossible endeavor now seems well within your reach in the kitchen.

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