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Coat checked: Is your winter look badly in need of makeover?

The return of winter brings with it plenty of fear from the masses for what they can expect to see.
As much as that sentiment might remind you of the pending weather and inclement conditions, it actually pertains to the awful men's clothing attire set to debut again as fall flips the switch to winter.
Winter is a unique season when it comes to fashion for men because there is an innate feeling to cover up and seemingly not care much what is underneath the jacket. Simply put, layers often usurp the actual style element that often goes into hibernation when it comes to winter.
Bulky sweaters, oversized pants and hoodies and even the occasional instance when you're stepping out in sweatpants leads those seeing these fashion missteps as valuing practicality of staying warm over winning the style battle and managing to combat the elements.
One problem with men as it relates to sweaters and winter tops in general is the propensity to purchase clothing that is too big so that it can fit over plenty of other items you've chosen to wear. What the goal should be is buy the same size you'd wear in spring and summer and implement a layered look that is form fitting and stylish, not as though you look like you just rolled out of bed or are wearing a snowsuit rather than an ensemble that is worthwhile.

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But as much as tops and bottoms play an integral role in how you piece together a wardrobe that is winter ready and approved, the coat takes the cake every time when it comes to finding one that does its job without being a combination of silly, overly large and more of an eye sore than superb.
The coat that seemingly always comes to mind when you think about men's winter jackets that desperately need retired is the one from "Seinfeld" years ago. The George Costanza character showed up for a night out in a puffy, Gortex coat that kept him warm, undoubtedly, but also looked ridiculous. What you want to look for in a winter coat is not so much puffy and oversized but rather warmth and wondrous. The puffy jacket, the parka and the fur lined hood jackets are the hot trends for men this year, but choosing wisely from the aforementioned selection doesn't always come easy for men.
All of those jacket options look and feel sensational to the touch and how they fit on your body but fighting off the tendency to go overboard is paramount.
Let's just ironically call it justified and much needed cold feet when you're about to buy winter attire that is hardly the hottest look.

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