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Laughably good: Why we love bad horror movies

Phrases like "terribly campy" and "so bad it was good" are used to describe movies off all different types of genres but none perhaps as prevalent as the horror ones.
Horror movies have a built in audience that knows going in they're going to either get a frightful, scary and intense movie experience or they'll leave telling themselves that the movie wasn't really that good but then again, perhaps wasn't meant to be, either.
Think about movies like "Friday the 13th" and "Child's Play," which were commercially panned but made plenty of money and spawned one sequel after another. The movies were nerve racking at best, and the original was competent film making that had a story to tell. The rest of the movies arguably were made to profit on an iconic character but were devoid of any real drama and instead offered up laughable scenarios and death scenes that seemed unimaginable in a bad way.
But that didn't stop the masses from accepting the "Friday the 13th" sequels for what they were: scary and funny rolled into one mess. "Child's Play" was equally bad given the idea that a doll could do so much damage when every adult who ever watched the movie would scream out loud how they'd just kick him in his plastic head.
"Friday the 13th" was anything but the lone offender. A lot of horror movies not nearly as well known as that one were released, bombed at the box office but found an audience in the VHS and subsequent DVD market and a demographic that loves comedies that masquerade as horror flicks.

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Plenty of movies fall under that category, but the most enjoyable are the likes of "Leprechaun," "Killer Clowns from Outer space" and "Troll." What is even crazier than the idea that these movie premises, most of which you can ascertain from the titles alone, actually left audiences wanting and, in some cases, getting more. The idea that "Troll" and "Leprechaun" had sequels is almost as silly as these movies being classified as horror ones.
Then again, that truly is the appeal of these movies: not to be scared but entertained on Halloween or a random Saturday night when you decide not to take the cinema experience too seriously and just want to zone out on the ridiculous.
If Leprechauns, Trolls, Clowns (from outer space, mind you) and even Gary Busey (yes, he played a Gingerbread Man possessed by a cookie) doesn't fit that description, not much else will.

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