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Sales fit: Frustration abounds when deciphering between so called travel deals

Despite the peak travel season ending around the time you came home from that Labor Day excursion, plenty of consumers still have their sights set on vacationing in the months of October, November and December.
The upcoming holidays play a huge role in traveling, which is why companies of that ilk start sending hundreds of emails to inundate your inbox with promotions and deals, one seemingly better than the other on paper.
While the majority of those emails don't draw attention to the fine print but instead focus on that total percentage saved or dollar amount earned, you can't be overly joyous just yet about any of these so called specials until you understand their origin and which ones actually are legitimate versus the ones that are laughable.
A good barometer for travel deals centers somewhat on the company you're dealing with and just how reputable or well known they may (or may not) be. Sites like Orbitz or Travelocity, for instance, are remarkably easy to use and carry a reputation that rather impressive compared to others that wander aimlessly online and promise spectacular, money saving deals only to thoroughly disappoint.
Another rule of thumb that you want to stick to is not being afraid to question a deal that seems too good to be true. You may get lucky and find out that the deal, in fact, is stunning and even the small exclusionary print works in your favor. But a lot of what ails travelers is stumbling across what they assume is a buried treasure that is a wonderful coupon from a lesser known online traveling company, only to realize that this stage coach turned into a pumpkin in the midst of completing the online checkout.

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Something that plagues even the most ardent and studious travelers and subsequent researchers are being overly trusting in what they see online, as it relates to descriptions, reviews and pictures. Travel sites that are trying to gain a share of this lucrative market might be enticed to make a few hotel pictures look better than they truly are or perhaps have an in house employee start rattling off reviews of the place to pump up the credibility a little more than the competition next door. In those instances, find an online web site that is impartial and not necessarily affiliated with an online travel agency. They'll be more apt to tell you the truth, not what you want to hear.
And certainly part of being successful in finding a travel site deemed worthwhile is listening to your gut instinct and not be so willing to take the first great deal that comes down the runway.
It may be more deception at work, rather than a customer first mentality.

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