4 Things That Truly Frighten (Annoy) us on Halloween

10/31/14 by Rennie Detore

Everyone who partakes in the festivities that are Halloween know the holiday of sorts is one that is mixed with fun and fright, such as kids dressing up in their favorite costumes for school and the subsequent trick or treating or perhaps visiting more than just one haunted house as part of your Halloween itinerary.
But as much as fear plays a paramount role Halloween, being scared runs a fine line with being annoyed with this spooky holiday. Some aspects of Halloween just aren't that enjoyable, but they seem like staples every year that we've grown to either accept or swear off October 31 every year. Now for some of us, these aren't enough to deter our love of putting our kids in costumes or scarfing down as much candy on a day (and weeks following) that it is totally acceptable.
You can't, however, ignore these tricks and treats that are Halloween's most unwanted.

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1. "Kids" in costumers: Every year, you see certain so called "children" standing at your door wanting candy and ultimately taking too much. That's because their hands are the size of an 17 or 18 year old, and you start to wonder why they're out trick or treating, when this is an event mostly for little kids. What's worse is that same age group not even putting a modicum of effort into their costume and instead showing up with a lame white sheet with the eyes cut out or wearing exactly what they wore to (high) school that day only with a ubiquitous "Friday the 13th Jason" mask on or the always popular and lazy Michael Myers getup. Let's be clear: this isn't the parents who take their kids from house to house and put on a costume to get into character. They're not after candy. The other, old kids; that's another story altogether.
2. Vandalism: This is a hit or miss aspect of Halloween as some of the older crowd might skip staying in or walking from house to house with an younger brother or niece and instead decide to do something they shouldn't. Granted, the vandalism doesn't reach epic proportions typically but that doesn't mean you might not be pulling some toilet paper out of your front yard trees in the morning.
3. The candy: So you decided a week before Halloween that you were going to start your pre holiday diet and now your house and work are flooded with the always irresistible mini candy bars such as Hershey's, Kit Kat or the dreaded Reese Peanut Butter Cups. The idea that your diet starts before Halloween is admirable but rather dumb. You might want to consider at least enjoying a few chocolate treats and then starting the diet once the Halloween candy starts to disappear over the next few weeks.

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