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Stream queen: Is streaming video finally making its move on the cable kingdom?

Talk of just how wonderful Netflix has become isn't anything new.
The price is sensational, the catalog continues to grow and what once was a dumping ground for "cult" classic or movies that weren't worth your time have transformed into a first rate cinema of sorts on your laptop, tablet or smart phone.
But Netflix still isn't in position, even with all positive attributes, isn't ready to take on the towering, titanic cable industry alone.
Then again, who said it has to?
Netflix, in conjunction with other streaming services, collectively might have the wherewithal and strength to start really putting satellite and cable providers in a precarious position, one they haven't been in for quite some time, if ever.

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The knock against cable is simple: paying too much for channels that you aren't watching. Anyone who had their say would have cable break up the bundles and sell channels to the consumers more in the vein of a buffet line rather than a prepacked dinner version.
So when streaming services start putting out their programming lineup, the average cable or satellite customer takes note. This might be an opportunity to not only watch comparable programming but save money in the process.
For those who hesitate to ditch their traditional television entertainment because they can't get their network channels or pay shows, you might be interested in hearing about CBS and HBO, both of which are putting together their own pay channels using the same prototype that made Netflix quite the hit. Because the HBO, CBS, Netflix and Hulu pricing is so competitive, pairing them together to get at least the majority of channels and shows you want makes more sense than hanging on to cable or satellite for dear life. Chances are just as good that if CBS is putting together a modified version of its network then other networks could conceivably follow in those footsteps.
The CBS All Access streaming channel costs about $6, and the streaming channel isn't a shell by any means of its Big Brother, the actual CBS Network that runs on your cable television package. Some would argue that the HBO and CBS streaming services aren't quite stellar enough yet to start considering a full on, unbridled cord cutting festivities just yet.
That said, the evolution of streaming television in place of actual cable seem to be heading in the direction that is most satisfying for consumers that are ready to put down their remote control and start picking up another device or gadget in the house, particular if the latter leads to more money in their pocket.

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