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Game off: Why you might be addicted to your video games

In your house, living room or game room specifically, is your gaming console king?
That question isn't so much about you adoring playing video games but rather if that PlayStation or Xbox is the center of not only your gaming universe but takes time away from the really important things you tend to enjoy.
Simply put, you have to ask yourself one important question regarding you and your video games.
Is your controller actually controlling you?
Although it may sound silly to lump the word "addiction" to something as simple and seemingly harmless as playing a video game, this issue exists and runs quite rampant, particularly with younger kids but not limited to just that demographic.

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Several signs stand out that are dead giveaways that you're addicted to playing video games, although you seeing them as clearly as bystanders isn't quite as easy.
For example, has your fun filled video game experience and subsequent game playing turned from enjoyable to way too serious in a short amount of time? Have you broken a few controllers in your time?
Sports games are notorious for this, whether you're playing as lone Player 1 or with a group of friends. Asking to play one game after another as Sunday turns into Monday morning might be a good inclination that you're actually not an NFL head coach but rather someone that needs to press the power button from time to time.
And unlike a real NFL coach, who watches his players recover from legitimate injuries, you're electronic men on the screen don't get hurt but that doesn't mean you aren't going to be nursing a few bumps and bruises yourself.
That itself is reason for concern.
If you find yourself feeling a little arthritic in the hands, fingers or wrists or have thumbs that are sore, you can easily trace that back to playing video games for much longer than you should be.
The flip side and obvious foil to video games is physical activity, and you aren't exactly getting enough of that sitting at home in your game room. Exercising is paramount, but if you believe your idea of cardio is playing a Nintendo Wii or just working your way through a game to get to an adequate save spot, then you should ditch the game and hit the gym, for real this time.
No one is suggesting that video games don't have a place as a time killer or as a respite between work and sleep, but moderation needs to be one of the games that should be in your gaming rotation.

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