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Sandwich matters: Fast food sandwiches worth staying away from every time

Despite the best efforts of some of the more renowned and reputable brands, the fast food industry still carries around a negative stereotype that it often can't shake.
Most of that is because certain sandwiches or burgers make it hard to ignore how poorly constructed this food can be from a healthy standpoint.
The positive when it comes to fast food is that most of the chains understand that healthier, fast food options are a must. You can't always ingest burgers and French fries, so having other options on the menu, or place, is needed.
But amidst a little trying, such as the Subway Club, Oven Roasted Chicken Sandwich or even the few grilled chicken options from heavy hitters like McDonald's, Wendy's or Burger King, the fast food sandwich still falls woefully short across the board as far as fat content is concerned.
What is more depressing and difficult are the slew of sandwiches that seem harmless and actually are marketed with tag lines like "healthy," "fresh" and "fit," which usually include television commercials of lots of lettuce, tomatoes and other vegetables being washed and tossed around like a salad is the intended final product.

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Take a look at Arby's, which touts its line of "Market Fresh Sandwiches" that include lots of cheese, bacon and heavy duty, fatty condiments like heaping helpings of mayo.
Lots of sandwich and sub shops include a meatball hoagie or sandwich as part of the menu but typically those sandwiches won't be found on any healthy menu. That's because they all include at least a 1,000 calories and the "ground beef" that makes up those meatballs isn't exactly the 93% lean, 7% fat kind you buy at home.
Much the same way meatball sandwiches give subs a bad name, so does the fried chicken sandwich at just about any fast food stop. Grilled easily trumps the fried version but the issue is most fast food chains don't produce the tastiest grilled sandwiches, thus pushing the consumer toward the fried version, which most places call them "crispy" or "southern fried," in order to make it sound better or more important than it is.
And always be careful when you hear the word "club" sandwich. That often means you'll be getting fattier, heaping does of cold cuts that aren't the fresh cut, hand carved turkey or ham that you should be eating.
Fast food places have made significant progress, however, a few of the sandwiches and selections still lingering on these menus are must misses every time out.

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