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Holiday helpings: Why traveling often ranks as least favorable aspect of holidays

The words "traveling" and "holidays" almost always go together, but that doesn't mean the general public always loves that combination.
The holidays are a stressful time but granted a lot of that pressure is self induced. You don't always have to buy that perfect gift or spend countless hours shopping and subsequently wearing yourself out so that most of the holidays are spent resting after a brutal day at the mall.
The aspect of the holidays that can be stressful at no fault of your own are the days spent traveling from your home to those of friends or family.
Whether you're traveling by car or have decided to gallop to the airport and enjoy the countless hours of baggage checks and down time that is flying, you'll have plenty to keep you equally busy and annoyed as it relates to traveling.
Your best bet should be embracing a simpler, more efficient travel plan, one that makes the traveling linear at best but is devoid of making more work for yourself, even if it costs a little more, and that fifth cousin of yours gets left off the guest list.

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Traveling with kids presents another concern for parents as it relates to lugging around not only their own things but also the bags, strollers and anything else you'll need to keep the kids content during hours away from home.
Some products spend their time trying to perfect traveling, kids and making that process a more enjoyable one for moms and dads. The Stokke brand centers its technology and design on strollers and bags, for instance, that make going from point A to point B much easier on the parents.
They offer a bevy of durable strollers, for instance, that are equipped to handle even the most inclement weather. They're design is so durable and strong that they can push through pockets of snow on the ground or handle even the most rigorous terrain you can find. The Stokke Trailz stroller comes to mind instantly but you can't overlook the Stokke Pram Pack, which is large enough to fit an entire stroller yet small enough to be used successfully and simply when you're trying to lug a stroller through an airport. The great part abut the Pram Pack is that once the stroller is out of the bag, you can roll it back up and not have to deal with an overly large bag that is more cumbersome after the stroller is out of it.
Another company, 7 AM Enfant and their baby carrier covers work wonders against freezing cold temperatures and much better than any blanket. The Enfant seat covers allow you to protect your bundle of joy from the sadness that is blustery, freezing cold temperatures from car to house and back.
Traveling already is difficult enough as it is, but not investing in products or gadgets that make it easier is a path of resistance you never want to go down.

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