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Time lies: How to keep 'Daylight Savings Time' can wreck your inner clock

Turning back your clock in the Fall isn't anything new for the masses but that lingering, subsequent affect afterward might take you by surprise.
For most, adhering to "Daylight Savings Time" and turning your clock back is simply taking down a few clocks around the house or reprogramming the digital dashboard in your car. For others, your inner clock has officially hit the snooze control and could lead to anything from a long span of lethargy to having to deal with others who are feeling exhausted with the time change, even if you're not.
So even if you're totally fine with "Daylight Savings Time," you still have to worry about the others who aren't quite as lucky.
Take driving for instance. Would be morning commuters might have a tendency to race to work since they've slept a little longer this morning or at least a few weeks after "Daylight Savings Time." That extra hour they earned when they "fell back" might have turned into more like a few hours every morning, thus making them prone to speed, weave in and out of traffic and thus make your trip to work much more stressful and potentially dangerous in the process.
"Daylight Savings Time," specifically turning your clock back, also can lead to migraines in some and increased fatigue as well. The simple idea behind gaining and hour of sleep disrupts your resting. That negative feeling is compounded by having to combat depression and sleepiness as it begins getting darker earlier. Nothing makes for a tiresome dinner than eating at the table with the sun already set.

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The flip side to being cranky and out of sorts is the promise of sunshine earlier in the morning. Leading up to turning your clocks back, you had the unfortunate instance of waking up to darkness and chilly mornings, which isn't exactly a positive as you begin the next eight to 12 hours at work.
Shaking off the cob webs that is moving from summer to Fall isn't always the seamless transition it should be, but your greatest asset is not taking "Daylight Savings Time" for granted as just a day when you gain an hour of sleep.
That 60 minutes means more than just topical numbers but rather represents a willingness to adjust accordingly to more than just a time change.

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