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Chasing stars: 'Soprano' creator talks prequel but how much does it still matter?

There's no denying that when David Chase, creator of the hit television show "The Sopranos," talks, people still listen.
"The Sopranos" hasn't been a first run television show for seven years, but that hasn't fueled chatter that centers on everything from whether the Tony Soprano character actually died in the much maligned series finale or if the cast would ever band together for one more television or big screen movie.
The idea that every time Chase speaks or one of the actors of the show makes rounds on television to promote something else they have on the horizon that "The Sopranos" is not only brought up but made the central part of the discussion only reaffirms what we already knew.
"The Sopranos" was one of the greatest television shows of all time.
That aspect of the long running HBO crime drama show never can be debated, regardless of whether you loved the creativity and uniqueness of the final episode cutting to black with ironically no black or white explanation or absolutely hated Chase and his writers for taking the "easy way out" and not giving viewers a sense of closure on a television show they've invested almost a decade in watching.

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Somewhere between the show hitting the airwaves and that final episode, fans embarked on a mystifying, intense, dramatic and entertaining whirlwind that cannot be recreated now that the show is sleeping with the rest of the television fishes that have ended their tenure.
So the idea that Chase announced recently that he would be interested in a prequel falls on deaf ears for the masses. For years following the end of "The Sopranos," Chase deflected criticism of the last episode but also distanced himself from wanting to do anything more with the "Sopranos" brand and would rather leave his work of art at peace.
Chase is doing the interview circuit to promote "The Sopranos" being released on Blu Ray, so talking about the show and if it has a future is part of the public relations that goes along with trying to sell DVDs. You have to wonder, however, if Chase is being honest with his prequel talk or if this is the kind of lip service you need when you really don't have anything else at the moment to discuss, and only a few years ago had little to no interest in anything post original "Sopranos."
Chase could easily have decided that he wants to resurrect the show that put he and the rest of the cast on the map, and the timing of the DVD release and this revelation is the kind of coincidence that you rarely see.
And no one is suggesting that if the prequel happened that it wouldn't be met with excitement or vigor from "Sopranos" fans. But once the prequel comes and goes, fans won't have the "Sopranos" fix they thought it would provide.

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