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Date plight: Why the perfect date isn't out of reach

Is there such as thing as the perfect date?
Before you answer that question, think about what you would deem "perfect" in this scenario.
For some, perfection isn't so much about saying the right things or eating the most divine of meals but rather engaging in a date that both parties enjoy equally, particularly if you're in the feeling out process where perhaps it isn't the very first time you've gone out, but might be those crucial dates two through four, where you're trying to move past the introductory question and answer period and truly understand if you two have anything in common.
The perfect date needs to be a melange of playful banter, flirtatious body language, keen interest in what the person is saying and some sort of activity that keeps you both engaged but without minimizing the conversation or, flat out, eliminating it.
Something like a movie really doesn't fit the mold of a perfect date very well. Movies seem more the kind of date tailor made for couples that want to get out, but really have exhausted a lot of banter after years of chatting back and forth.

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Movies might seem a little more relevant if they're redone a bit. Perhaps you could cook dinner together and watch a movie afterward. The mood is much more personal, quiet and eliminates the annoying cell phone guy in the third row or the couple next to you that has no interest in the movie but would rather rehash all the errands they did earlier in the day.
Plenty of new couples also like the idea of actually participating in an activity or doing something that would entail leaving the couch or going outside the norm of what is considered a customary, rudimentary date.
Maybe the relationship isn't ready for a bull blown getaway weekend, but that doesn't mean you can't modify the "getting away" element of dating with a one night camping or ski trip, an afternoon bike ride or even taking a class together that allows you to continue to form that bond and maybe even create something tangible together in the process.
And what about a little fun for that perfect date? Arcade style restaurants often allow you to showcase a side of your personality that shows you're not always all business. Race car games, shooting hoops or the obligatory winning a stuffed animal for your significant other combines nicely into an evening (or afternoon) provides a nice respite in between dining out at restaurants for the last 10 dates.
There's no real way to assure yourself of a perfect date, since so many variables tend to come into play: likes, dislikes, where the relationship is, etc. But in the midst of thinking about what is next on the dating agenda, you might want to think about perfection in a little different light, which ultimately could open up plenty of worthwhile, untapped possibilities.

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