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Smarty pants: Is everything headed for the 'smart' tag?

If you guessed that about two thirds of the population had smart phones, you'd be right.
That wouldn't exactly be a shot in the dark answer given the popularity of those devices and how incredibly convenient and helpful they've become with anything from giving you up to the minute weather reports or updating that always important Facebook status.
Those features only begin to describe what smart phones have become in the last decade, but the key ingredient has transformed from making a simple call to basically having a gadget in your hand that makes life that much easier for you.
So since phones have decided to become 'smart,' who says other, once rudimentary devices won't follow?
Turns out, they are.

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While the products themselves probably won't change their makeup much, the technology that accompanies them will turn anything from chopsticks to baby monitoring on its ear.
The latter comes in the form of Mimo Baby, a sensor that attaches to your baby's clothing and monitors more than just the simple sounds of crying or rustling through the night. Mimo Baby truly puts moms and dads at ease since it pays attention to so many specifics: how the baby is sleeping, what side, belly or back and even body temperature and breaking patterns.
Baby monitors as you know them won't have much longevity once Mimo Baby becomes commonplace in homes across the country. Of course, the acceptance of something like that might take time to gradually morph into an at home staple, but the practicality underscored with an item like this is invaluable.
Just like your cell phone.
And yes, someone is fashioning chopsticks that can tell you the makeup of the food you're eating, and if it is safe to proceed.
From eating to drinking, technology also is giving you the ability to track every last drop of what you drink all day, every day. Even the coaster works as a charger, and the contents of your drink link back to, you guessed it, a smart phone to track just how healthy or unhealthy you are. This slice of heaven comes from a company called Vessyl.
Linking to your smart phone is nothing new for a variety of household products, and that trend only is going to continue. The days of your tablet or phone telling you when you're about to run out of milk or when that load of clothes is done in the dryer is hardly a "Star Wars" way of thinking.
They exist now in some form or fashion and only are going to get more refined and better with time.
Who says phones have the market cornered in the "smart" category? That marketplace is in the midst of getting larger and expanding by the day.

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