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Wedding pest: Are you the wedding guest no one wants to see?

As hectic as wedding day is for the bride, groom and, to a lesser degree the wedding party, the last thing they want to deal with is an unruly and would be unwelcome guest.
Months and years of preparation all boil down to this one day, so that one guest who wreaks havoc might be easier to spot than you'd think. And your first thought is why in the world did you invite this person anyway?
Chances are, if you've perused the guest list at least a few hundred times, you always have that one attendee you know should be invited but also are equally worried that they'll be the ones to cause you problems.
Only time will tell, more specifically the end of the night, if they've done enough or even just one thing to distract from your big day.
Case in point, the person who really doesn't understand that they're at a wedding, and thus the dress code in their eyes is optional. A few ground rules of the attire: you don't wear white, nor should you decide this is a good time to break out an outfit that is going to make you the talk of the night, rather than the two very important people who are getting married.

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And no joke outfits or denim, either. Would you wear jeans to a job interview? Probably not. So why do it at a friend or family member's wedding?
Then again, if you're the kind of wedding guest that would do any of the aforementioned things, maybe you shouldn't even go. If you know yourself well enough that you are a real wedding day hazard as a guest, you might decide to his the RSVP button and decline in the invitation.
Sure, that's fine but what you never want to do is the person who says they'll be there with the proverbial bells on, but then no show. That's one way to alienate yourself from a group of friends or family.
Equally appalling is that rabid, ridiculous wedding guest that believes he or she needs to be in every group picture but also can't help jump into the shots of the bride and groom. Photo "bombing" is fine if you're at a concert or party, but that isn't even remotely a good idea in the midst of a wedding reception.
Your reception will be equally chilly once word gets out you've become the wedding guest dreads that no one wants to see coming.

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