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Juicy proposition: Is juicing or blending better for you?

Plenty of health food enthusiasts argue passionately that what you put into your body makes more of a difference than the amount of physical activity you do.
The old 80-20 rule often applies; Diet is 80% of your regimen as it relates to losing weight, toning your body or just maintaining an overall healthier existence.
That's why those who follow that regimen also realize the powerful nature of not only choosing the right foods to eat but being able ingest the ones you need every day without fail. Fruits and vegetables often are the food groups the masses struggle to include in their diet, as getting in four or five servings of each per day often gives way to you ordering lunch on the run or grabbing dinner on your way home.
And with those shortcomings came the revolution that is taking your fruit and vegetables and knocking out those servings in one fell swoop by any means necessarily.
Well, in this case a juicer, blender or the trendier versions such as the "Nutri Bullet" and other hybrids of that ilk. The question remains, however, with so many so called blending devices on the market not only do consumers have to determine what product to buy but also which form of "blending" is best from a health and wellness standpoint.

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The late Jack Lalane did things at his age that most onlookers could fathom, and he took that longevity and propensity for health and created the iconic juicer of the same name. His juicer is easily the most renowned and lauded in the marketplace, but yet still, despite its popularity, is being challenged by the aforementioned "Nutri Bullet" and other products like that which promise to keep all the fiber and nutrients in your smoothies and drinks that the juicer leaves behind.
Juicing is perfectly fine, but seems tailor made for those who might have digestive issues and simply can't handle the raw content of fruits and vegetables. Using something like the Jack Lalane still is going to give you a concentrated shot of vitamins and minerals, but this machine strips away what most would consider the healthiest part of the fruit or vegetable: the skin. Again, the juicer is a remarkable device for anyone who can't tolerate the skin, and also for those who aren't interested in using an old fashioned blender, and having to struggle with smoothies that are a little chunky for their liking.
The Nutri Bullet might be the most well rounded option, since you're not losing any part of the fruit as far as blending is concerned. The downside to the "bullet" is getting a fruits and vegetables smoothie is hardly a straight shot. Anything more than a carrot or piece of celery is difficult to blend completely in that machine.
Whether you're juicing or blending, kudos to you on putting your health first. Often times, your decision ironically on what one better suits you also can be traced to your health and opting for the option that best suits those needs.

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