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Package Deal -- The Perfect Holiday Gifts Combine Sentiment And Sensibility

Summer is set to say goodbye for now and the tank tops, board shorts and flip-flops get packed away for another nine months as you turn your attention from swimming pools and beaches to Halloween costumes and holiday planning with Thanksgiving and Christmas not far behind.
As the temperature begins to cool, the holiday shopping heats up significantly as does the penchant for robust meals in the winter months.
Let's call it a consumption of mass quantities in two forms: retail buying for the holidays and relentless meals of epic proportions and portions.
Resisting temptation in the months of November and December is two-fold both from a food perspective and gift buying that is hollow in nature. Large meals and even larger shopping lists become norm but buying and eating in bulk doesn't have to be the norm.
Watching what you eat and portion control certainly aren't impossible nor is buying a gift for a loved one that goes against the typical gift-buying grain as far as its practicality and purposefulness.

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In short, why ditch the lame sweater and tacky tie in favor of an item that promotes happiness, healthier lifestyles, fun and, perhaps, a way to combat the post-holiday doldrums of trying to lose weight as part of the obligatory "new year" resolution.
One remarkably food- and health-conscious product is the Slim & Sage collection of plates. They're sized specifically with portion control in mind as they measure 9 inches in diameter and are destined to limit overeating as a whole. And unlike similar portion-control style plates, these aren't the run-of-the-mill plastic ones that look more like something you'd expect from a microwavable TV dinner.
They're designed flawlessly with expert style and patterns that scream special occasion but also exude the sentiment of everyday, practical plates. Slim & Sage also put some time, research and effort into their endeavor as truly learned why people overeat and how to properly combat it.
From calorie-counters to thrill-seekers, a gift certificate for something festive that doesn't leave the individual or family cooped up inside the house in the colder months. The first inclination would be a skiing or snowboarding pass to a local resort or a post-December 31 gym membership or exercise equipment.
The last item can be especially tricky to give as a gift as it could suggest to the recipient that you believe they need to lose weight. In this case, look for subtle hints or out-and-out specifics that this person is dying to do something but simply can't get started.
Given that the objective of giving gifts underscored with healthy overtones probably wouldn't lend itself to buying someone food, unless of course it is healthier fare. Pacific Coast Classic Dried Fruit Trays are stunning displays of fruit that serve a two-fold purpose: nourishment and eye-catching presentation for less than $40.
What about for that special someone who works tirelessly at multiple jobs and is incredible stressed? That person probably could use a few hours to relax and lose some of the harboring stress they carry on a day-to-day basis so the initial thought would be a trip to the spa or perhaps a wellness package that includes massage, facials or manicures as part of the deal.
Who says that the holidays can't be a perfect mix of family, festivities and food? It's called having your holiday cake and eating it too -- minus the regret, of course.

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