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Phoning it in: Why you need to put those expensive gadgets to work

More than 60% of the American population has smart phones, and along with these delectable devices come equal parts satisfaction and convenience but also the understanding that you're staring down the barrel of a hefty monthly bill since all those minutes, texts and data are going to cost you thousands of dollars per year.
Since these phones have been deemed so smart and tablets are just a bigger, equally intelligent piece of technology, you can argue that you need to put them to work for you. If nothing else, your smart phone doesn't have to always be viewed as a financial burden but rather can actually be the kind of gadget that helps you earn money along the way.
Those litany of apps you have on your phone, the ones that help you track weather, find sports scores and even monitor everything from your blood pressure to the amount of steps you take every day, certainly make your love affair with your phone all the more understandable, but why not start looking a little deeper at your phone and what it can do.
Granted, sports scores, video clips, checking emails and updating one of your many social media statuses are all well and good but the app store of your choosing also allows you to download price checking apps, rebate related app and others that allow you to utilize the technology in that smart phone and put some money in your pocket, essentially to potentially offset the cost of that monthly cell phone bill you're struggling to pay.
Rather than cut your data plan or take a few steps back toward your flip phone, why not find something like the Amazon Price Checker app, which allows you to scan for a particular product and ensure you're paying the absolute best price.

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In addition, Wal Mart recently released an app that allows you to enter in what you bought at the super store and if the price shows up somewhere less expensive, the Wal Mart app gives you that money back.
Smart phones also make it remarkably easy to download coupons or access special promotions on emails. Something just as simple is the art of budgeting, which can be done through a variety of apps on your tablet or smart phone as well. Plenty of reputable apps allow you to simplify the process and put in your expenses and income, and alert you should something seem a little off balance.
While that process doesn't necessarily put money directly in your pocket, what it can do is assure you won't be hit with late fees or overdraft charges. Racking up late fees and even ATM fees accounts for thousands of dollars spent each year, money that could be saved if you had the means to know exactly how much you had available instantly.
Having access to information at your fingertips and being able to communicate at a moment's notice are the pillars of what makes a smart phone so lucrative. But beyond that, your phone or tablet can serve as not only as an added source of income but a means to find the best pricing with more thumb work, rather than your leg.

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