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Holiday unraveling: Open your eyes and run scared when you see these rooms

Holiday travel undoubtedly will be running rampant in the next few weeks, and not everyone has the luxury of staying with friends or family, so you'll be forced to visit mom and dad, sister or brother, aunts and uncles while staying within the confines of a hotel room.
Whether or not that hotel room is friendly or fearful is up to you.
Undoubtedly, you'll most likely take to the internet to book that room for anywhere from one night to the better part of an entire week. Having a bad hotel room on your hands when you finally arrive is dreadful no matter the number of days in question.
Spotting a hotel room that you absolutely want to avoid starts with the planning stage first and foremost. That is a lot harder than it once was given the way photos are manipulated, cropped and doctored to make even the sloppiest and scariest hotel room look remarkably inviting.
The trick before you book is to rely on reviews and assume that if you read 100 and 80 of them are positive, you're in business. Also as far as reviews, look for common themes. If a five star hotel has nearly flawless marks, but one person writes that their bathtub was filled with roaches, that most likely is a review perpetuated by someone who really isn't giving an honest opinion.

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You also want to make calling ahead part of your booking experience. No, the idea isn't to call ahead and book the room like its 1990 but rather get of the temperament of the staff and see just how cordial they are. The goal of the conversation is to ask pertinent questions and really see if they know their stuff. Chances are if the staff sees put out by your inquiries and don't have the time to really address what you're asking then your stay isn't going to be as enjoyable and fruitful as you would like.
Let's say, however, you've been duped by some of those fancy and flashy pictures, and you've already booked and arrive at the hotel subsequently, and you quickly transform from customer to private detective. The hairs on the back of your neck are standing tall, so something isn't sitting right with hotel in general and your room specifically.
Since you're already there, take a look for things like cobwebs, dust on television screens or general uncleanliness. Staff that looks disheveled suggests that management is lacking in the discipline department, and that is going to trickle down to just about every aspect of day to day business.
The holidays are stressful enough, so selecting a hotel room that exudes equal parts customer service and comfort is paramount.

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