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Survival mode: 'Black Friday' carries negative stigma but it isn't impossible to beat the rush

What do you think when someone brings up "Black Friday?"
Some consumers immediately dismiss even the thought of visiting a store the day after Thanksgiving for a variety of reasons that range from crowds to feeling as though they're being conned into believing that all these "deals" actually are attainable.
The rest of the population isn't afraid to toss themselves into the heat of the battle that is dashing through aisles, waiting in lines and throwing a few stray fists or elbows to land that 40 inch LED TV for $100.
The latter group most likely already has an enter and exit strategy as it pertains to "Black Friday" or even the Thanksgiving Day shopping that has now become equally as lucrative and important to stores (now most major retailers offer sales some time later in the evening to entice customers to awake from the turkey and stuffing food coma to buy DVD players and blenders for bottom line prices).
For the rest of the world that wants nothing to do with "Black Friday" (but secretly does), all they need is a plan of attack. Something as simple as showing up early for these "door buster" sales is one of the more overlooked aspects of "Black Friday" or what they're calling the Thursday shopping as well.

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Far too many consumers assume that 5 in the morning start time is actually 5 in the morning, when in actuality you should be there at least an hour beforehand. Those who can't justify that type of time put toward a TV, for example, aren't really understanding the concept behind the adrenaline rush that is "Black Friday."
In addition to arriving ahead of schedule as it relates to "Black Friday," you also want to pay particular attention to the ads themselves. Check to be sure that unbelievable deal isn't limited to the first 3 shoppers only. Buying a big ticket item at a wonderful price might be more smoke and mirrors than anything else if the store only is carrying a few of them.
Simply put, don't waste your time on "Black Friday." You also want to look at the entire scope of a store's "Black Friday" offerings. Granted, you might not be able to get the best deal, but often they'll include other remarkable promotions on items that would suffice as suitable gifts.
And being selfish on "Black Friday" isn't all bad, either. Some of the more savvy customers actually use "Black Friday" to save money on items they need, in addition to fulfilling the wish list they're carrying around with them as well.
You've been putting off buying that new, expensive stove for quite some time, but "Black Friday" might be just what you need to waive the proverbial white flag and surrender to the idea of buying an appliance you need but at a much better rate.
Going into the post Thanksgiving shopping that is "Black Friday" is about attitude, agenda and acting as though it is just another shopping day, even if it is, in actuality, the busiest one of the year.

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