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Twisted Fitness -- From Classes To New-aged Studios, Exercise Gets Much-needed Overhaul

We all know fitness and exercise is extremely flawed. And, so are we.
Part of the imperfection of exercise is directly related to a marketplace that is overwhelming obese in terms of the number of products, services and, let's face it, gimmicks that simply make claims that aren't realistic.
Just turn on the television early Sunday morning and you'll be greeted with at least half of your channels featuring infomercials about blasting a booty or working out from home with only a set of dumbbells and a folding chair.
In addition to a plethora of pretenders to the exercise throne, the consumer also shares its own measure of burden for a lack of commitment, shortages of time and an overall penchant for putting exercise at the very bottom of their routine, if it is even present at all.
There's no simple, short or abbreviated answer on how our propensity to pull away from incorporating exercise into our daily lives is manifesting into a world of overweight individuals and escalating health care costs.

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Truthfully, too many exercise ads breeds contempt for exercising and a consumer that isn't educated on what is best for them and thus frustration and disgust overtakes any want or need to begin to transform from couch potato to comfortably healthy.
The average non-exerciser wants no part of a seven-day-per-week workout program but just simply wants to enjoy physical activity and daily lose the aches and pains or perhaps even a few medications as an added bonus.
Far too often, would-be workout hopefuls bite off way too much fitness then they can chew and actually start feeling worse than when they first started. Moderation and practicality are marvelous concepts and one that should be embraced en route to your forage into fitness.
So where does one find these carefully crafted mix that translates into exercise euphoria?
Joining a health club or gym could be a sensible solution, especially when considering classes instead of traditional weights and cardiovascular fare. Classes typically feature the kind of range and diversity that should be on your radar. The Les Mills brand is incredibly adept at fulfilling the fitness spectrum and infusing fun into workout out with classes that focus on everything from weight training to kickboxing or something as simple and relaxing as Yoga.
Don't bother filling out that health club application unless classes, particular Les Mills, is being offered as an alternative to mulling around the weight room with little or no direction.
Another big misconception regarding fitness is that sweating and subsequently feeling sore the next day is the only means to an end as far as health and wellness. StretchZone is a terrific meld of education and stretching wherewithal that incorporates the art of stretching to help not only prevent injuries and help with exercise recover but also eliminates the nagging aches and pains typically associated with being overweight or medical ailments.
StretchZone is remarkably applicable for all ages and demographics, from the intense athletes to the mom or dad that need a serious stress reduction-type exercise. That type of eclectic, all-encompassing nature put forth by StretchZone makes it appealing to non, new exercisers as slow, sensible alternative to high-intensity fare. StretchZone also tightens and leans out muscle and is a building block of weight loss.
Like any product or service, fitness isn't without its shortcomings. The key is to tailor a regimen to you and set realistic progress and goals.
If not, you're only setting yourself up for disappoint as opposed to delight.

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