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Downward dogged: How to rock Yoga pants, even if you don't practice the art form

The popularity of Yoga certainly is up for debate. Some argue that Yoga isn't intense enough. Other says the relaxation and stretching components within the art form is just what they need to get fit and feel better.
What isn't quite as debatable as it relates to Yoga is the love affair women have with the apparel that is directly linked to actually participating in the exercise routine. Yoga pants in particular rank as some of the best selling clothing with women, regardless of whether they've every done Yoga in their free time either at home or within the confines of a health club or gym.
Some statistics state that the sales of Yoga pants in the past two years is up immensely as far as the total revenue related to this type of clothing, even though the participation in the classes themselves is only a fraction of that number.
That would suggest that Yoga classes pale in comparison to the pants, and that fact isn't hard to understand for anyone who has worn these pants. They're comfortable, and a pair of black ones could easily double as something you could get away with wearing on a casual Friday (or Monday through Thursday if you have a boss who isn't on dress code patrol). Yoga pants are comfortable, rather inexpensive relatively speaking and have the distinction of being the type of clothing that you can wear virtually anywhere and get away with; think how much guys would love to wear sweat pants a few times per week in situations where they normally wouldn't be accepted.
What makes Yoga clothing, pants specifically, is that they're not bland, boring or crafted identically from one pair to another. Most competent Yoga clothing creators implement colorful styles and even have Yoga pants that fold over at the top or mirror the look of popular, fun piece of clothing, like Capri pants or ones that offer a compression feel to them.

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You can include both the Yoga pants with the tops as well for an overall level of marketability and drawing power for the Yoga brand itself, the clothing particularly. Perhaps you won't see your local Yoga class packed any time soon, but that doesn't mean the ones who did show up aren't dressed in the entire that bears the same name.
They'll undoubtedly enjoy their workout, but perhaps not quite as much as the clothing itself.

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