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Turkey heyday: Thanksgiving doesn't have to be start of holiday weight gain

In a matter of days, families and friends will gather around a variety of dinner tables to indulge in the Thanksgiving holiday, complete with everything from turkey and stuffing to take a quick nap between football games and your third piece of pumpkin pie.
Thanksgiving signals the start of the holiday stretch run for the masses, and as soon as the smoke clears and the cranberry sauce settles, you'll undoubtedly be hitting the mall to begin a laundry list of shopping needs for that holiday wish list.
As hectic as the time period is between Thanksgiving and the end of the year as far as shopping, meal planning and traveling, you're biggest enemy truthfully is the lack of time you'll have to perhaps exercise or stick to workout routine and, in turn, eat essentially what you want and begin to pack on those dreaded holiday pounds.
But does it have to be that way?
Stuffing your face on Thanksgiving with all of the staples that make up the holiday go hand in hand with watching football and falling asleep thanks to the unbelievable amounts turkey and sugary desserts you're about to ingest.

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When you pull your chair up to that Thanksgiving dinner table, you've reached a holiday crossroads as it relates to putting on weight for the next four to six weeks. Soon enough, you'll be surrounded by holiday cookies at every turn, more temptation to hit the holiday party scene and stock up on all the foods you probably shouldn't be eating. And let's not forget how busy the holidays tend to be, which means you'll probably be less likely to cook at home the healthy way and instead will start down the road of fast food at every stressful turn.
One way to stave off the would be weight gain of the holidays is to think about prepping meals at home and leaving the restaurant food to a minimum. As for Thanksgiving, you have to go into that delectable holiday with some sort of a game plan.
Maybe you'll decide to have dessert but will skip the appetizers. And instead of drinking alcohol or a soft drink, you'll have something a little lighter. The meal itself should be just that: a lone, sit down meal. Far too often, most people widen their eyes and loosen their belts and assume because of the sheer amount of food, that they almost have to overeat or else it wouldn't be Thanksgiving.
Portion control starts with this holiday, and the moment you give into eating far too much than necessary, you've started a chain reaction that leads until you're making that New Year's Resolution to lose weight in 2015.

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