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Video blaming: Buying appropriate video game for kids can be daunting task

Holiday shopping inevitably leads parents to the toy store but depending on the age of your kids ultimately will tell you exactly what you'll be buying.
One toy that always finds itself outside of black and white and more within the shades of gray are video games, since so many of them seem inappropriate for kids and more geared toward adults more so than even teenagers.
The idea that video games come with ratings make this a slippery slope for moms and dads who have kids that are in an impressionable age group where they're drawn toward video games but shouldn't have access to the likes of "Grand Theft Auto" or anything else of that ilk.
So parents have two options in this case.
They can forgo the video games altogether and stick with the staples that are hot every year, like Disney's "Frozen", "LEGO" brand toys or anything associated with "Star Wars," "The Hunger Games" or World Wrestling Entertainment and their superstar wrestlers and performers like John Cena.

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Then again, kids might opine and ask continuously for video games as part of their overall holiday wish list, so parents can start shopping a little smarter and more prudently as it relates to exactly which video games to buy.
Comic book movies have emerged as "go to" movies that gross billions worldwide, and video games of that same brand have the same outward, overwhelming success. So when Marvel and another remarkably successful brand team up, it is the kind of union that would make any of the "Avengers" jealous.
That's why parents should strongly consider the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes as the video game of choice for their kids. The action, characters and awe inspiring game play is present, but without the gratuitous violence and over the top bloodshed you tend to get with most action adventure video games. Kids can enjoy Captain America and the Incredible Hulk but in more of a cartoonish, campy way that is acceptable.
Some moms and dads might still be of the opinion that video games promote obesity and a sedentary lifestyle so they'll look for video games that force kids to get off the couch and actually engage in some activity. "Just Dance" and the litany of titles, most notably this year's 2015 version, is perfect for kids that just may want to leave the gaming chair for more than just a snack.
Millions of video games will be gobbled up once the holiday shopping revs up after the Thanksgiving holiday, but parents might not be as apt to gorge themselves on just anything but rather rightfully be selective when it comes to something as controversial and careful as video games and buying them, respectively.

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