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Battled tested: LG G3 withstands stiff competition and emerges as contender

The LG motto is simple: Life's Good. Guess what else is pretty fantastic, too? The LG G3 smart phone.
Given what the phone and the manufacturer had its path to success makes the story even more remarkable.
Upon the release of the LG G3 phone, you could easily have labeled the "smart" phone a sizable underdog as the release of the new Apple iPhone loomed large and Samsung was working on its favorable and loveable Galaxy Note 4, a hybrid phone and tablet that consumers undoubtedly clamor for in the same way they do anything Apple related.
With that, the LG G3 had its work cut out for it.
To the credit of LG, the company didn't doubt that it had more than just an average or decent smart phone on its hands and instead let the marketing and phone features themselves do the work for it.

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Simply put, flying under the cell phone radar just isn't an option for the LG G3, simply because the phone is rather stunning in all that it does.
The phone is lightweight, boasts a large screen that sports a resolution that is nothing short of stunning. Watching movies, television or any sort of video is enjoyable and hardly makes you yearn for the HD quality you believe you would be missing if you're not using a tablet or sitting at home in front of your LED or Smart TV.
Don't let the light weight of the phone itself fool you, however. The phone carries with it a lightning fast processor and a few extras, including a split screen option to work between apps or functions, along with the "Smart Card" feature that reminds you of any non contacts that you tend to call a lot, and may want to consider adding to your phone.
Perhaps the most endearing aspect of the LG G3, particularly the way it stays ahead of the Apple and Samsung products, is its wondrous camera. Not only is it adequate in the pixel department, but it does wonders with low light and action shots. Taking a photo in a darker atmosphere typically spells doom for any camera on a phone.
Not the LG G3.
This phone adds back light where you'd least expect it, and the result are photos you actually don't have to discard because of the ubiquitous "it is too dark" reasoning. Videos have the same overwhelming resolution and quality behind them.
LG is always quick to tell consumers that life is good, but when it comes to their LG G3, the word "good" doesn't do the phone justice. It is a winner across the board, even more impressive given the stout and sensational phones that it has to compete with in a crowded cellular marketplace.

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