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Productive time: Is your office equipped to handle all that you do?

When you think about being overly productive at work or home as it relates to what happens in your office, often times you think more about your ability to multi task or balance work from one hour to the next, without getting sidetracked with impromptu business or checking that email every few minutes.
Rarely, as it relates to being competent in how you work, do you consider the tangible aspects of your office, namely the supplies and furniture. Most of what ails the masses as it relates to working efficiently often is traced back to the fine art of budgeting everything the boss, co workers and subordinates throw at you.
But often overlooked is the nuts and bolts of your office, namely things like your chair, supplies, lamp, desk or anything else you squeeze into that space, whether it be home or the area your office allows you to call home.
Take something as simple as the chair for example.
Did you know that those employees or at home workers tend to be better at what they do when they feel comfortable while they're sitting? That shouldn't surprise too many people given the amount of time you actually spend sitting while you're working. Nothing ruins that inner office mojo quite like squirming and moving around in an uncomfortable chair, one without any support for your neck and the entirety of your back. The office chair at home is even more paramount given that you have other sitting options, most of which could be deemed as distractions that may lure you away from your work while you're at home trying to get things done.

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The best chair you can get also might be the one that you don't really even need or want. Plenty of offices have opted for non traditional seating, including incorporating the stability ball as a means to tighten and strengthen your core while you work, but also promoting better posture and less lounging at the same time. Perhaps even crazier is standing at work and ditching the chair altogether (or at least having one as an option from time to time). Standing at work isn't quite as odd as you think; some employers and employees love the idea of being able to move around freely and thus implementing a desk that is tall enough to allow them to stand and think on their feet.
As important as the chair is, you also can't look past the organizational aspect of staying focused and on task. That means as far as supplies go, you can stick with the pens and pencils of old but don't skimp on the organizers that are tucked away in your drawers or the hanging files you might deem too antiquated to invest in for your office space.
Who would have assumed that the right chair (or lack thereof), desk and a few accessories could propel your pedestrian working habits into something that is just plain off the charts?

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