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Hiring freeze: Not getting hired might not be all the fault of employer

Frustration abounds with every unsuccessful job interview, rejection email or resume that is deemed not satisfactory.
Something else also goes out the proverbial window: the chance to make more money and perhaps finally put a little bit aside in the event of a rainy day. With how poorly your job prospect seem to be, you probably feel like the bad news of not getting a new job is pouring down on you from one failed attempt after another.
Those who notice a pattern and aim to fix it most likely will take a moment to step back from their poor interview and resume situation and start figuring out what they're doing wrong. For instance, if you are a rapid fire resume sender, chances are you're not making your resume or cover letter in particular specific enough for the job at hand. Instead, you're sending out 100 resumes within the span of a few days when your best bet is to narrow down your search to perhaps 10 and then work diligently in that same time frame to put out a resume and cover letter that really hones in on not only a specific job but the skills that you'll want to touch upon when you eventually submit it.
And speaking of that resume, does it really sound like you? You may answer that question affirmatively without even really thinking through the question at hand. Most hiring managers and human resources employees can spot a "phony" resume a mile away. And that's not to suggest that the core of resume is false but rather the way it is written and comes across when you read it.
Granted, hiring managers are looking for particular key words or phrases when they're spot checking resumes, but you shouldn't make your rhetoric sound robotic. Don't use words that come across as though you raided a thesaurus or used the help of that same tool on your word processing program. Instead, ditch the cheap language and focus on the information that matters. Talk about how you raised sales 10% over the last quarter of the year or how you oversaw an entire group and managed to not only hit the time frame to finish a project but did so under budget.

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Be specific about accomplishments rather than vague or insincere with your wording.
If you're lucky enough to pass through the resume screening process and actually land a face to face interview, make sure you're confident but not brash or cocky. You also have to exude a rapport with the interviewer that is equal parts professional and conversational. You want to stick to the questions but answer them in a tone that doesn't sound rehearsed.
When it comes to landing the job of your dreams, you of all people might be the nightmare standing in your own way. Tweaking a few things both written and verbally could open doors that previously had been all but closed.

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