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Home slim: Good luck with that gym equipment in your basement or garage

The holidays typically give way to New Year's resolutions that center on anything from saving money to getting a better job and everything in between.
Easily the most declared New Year's resolution is losing weight, and the masses undoubtedly will be looking to drop more than a few pounds once Thanksgiving and the holiday decadence that is overeating subsides and reality sets in on January 2.
How they go about it remains to be seen since you'll have plenty of options to choose from: join a gym, work out on your own with one of the million exercise DVDs that promise weight loss in minutes or by just dancing at home in your basement.
And let's not forget the home equipment industry, another billion dollar industry that is laughing all the way to the bank. The laughter doesn't come from the equipment itself being less than stellar or sub par but rather focuses on the consumer and their lack of motivation when it comes to using, not so much buying.
You see we love to buy exercise equipment. We convince ourselves that we're going to work out at home, and assure ourselves how convenient that treadmill or elliptical in their basement or bench press and dumbbells in the garage.

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So what eventually happens?
Sadly, that treadmill turns into a glorified place to hang your clothes, and the elliptical stays folded up through spring. And that weight bench in the garage gets pushed into the corner and forgotten about until next New Year's resolution resurfaces.
Why is it so hard to work out at home?
The issue is the convenience you believe will arrive from working out at home actually doesn't exist at all. Sure, you can work all day, come home and have the gym right in front of your eyes, allowing yourself to forgo making another stop at the gym or coming home and trying to motivate yourself to leave the house again once you're home.
But it actually the opposite is true. Your home is filled with distractions that will keep you from working out on a regular basis. From cooking dinner to watching TV, taking care of the kids or cleaning, your house is a black hole for exercising.
Going to the gym actually makes more sense. You pack your bag in the morning and make it a point to go there right after work, and once you're there you pretty much have to start hitting the weights or join in that ZUMBA class.
That routine is really what you need to assure that this new year won't be like the last few: disappointing.

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