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Tough sledding: Winter can be a fashion wasteland for men

From top to bottom, winter can be a difficult assignment for men as it relates to fashion.
With the holidays on the horizon, you'll undoubtedly be tasked with buying something for the man in your life, whether it is a husband, dad, brother or uncle.
You'll want to make those gifts count, but often when it comes to guys, we forget that style matters in the winter months and sometimes layering or just any old cap, jacket or boots will suffice.
Definitely couldn't be further from the truth.
Take the customary winter jacket.

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At first glance, your winter coat should wreak of practicality first and everything else should fall by the way side. That when you need to ask yourself a very important outerwear question.
Why can't your winter jacket be both warm and wonderful from a fashion standpoint?
There's no reason you have to buy or wear a winter coat that is overly bulky or sized too large for your frame, making you look like you're hiding Santa's belly inside your jacket. The winter coat has come a long way in recent years, and plenty of options include equal parts warmth and wow as far as being stylish, comfortable but not too thin or trendy to not do its ultimate job: keep you from freezing.
Boots and footwear run a close second to serious winter time fashion mistakes. Too many men with little regard for style and fashion can't help but gravitate toward a hiking boot or work boot as their shoe of choice every time they step out. Much like outerwear and coats, shoes don't have to be an afterthought when you're piecing together an outfit for the colder months. Instead, think about a dress boot with a nice tread (yes, they do exist). Think leather meets hiking bliss when you're picking out those size 12 "snow" shoes so that your New Year's eve party outfit isn't crushed underneath those awfully ugly soled shoes you're rocking.
Finally, sweaters seem to be another swing and miss for most men. This year, the V neck easily trumps its crew neck counterpart as far as the style of choice this winter. But that doesn't mean you necessarily should be rocking a V neck without question. Broad shoulders and a V shaped torso tend to compliment the V neck a little better than those who are a little heavier around the midsection. In that situation, you may want to compliment your body type with a crew neck. You also want to avoid wearing sweaters too tightly, not matter what your build. They're meant to fit snugly but not have a painted on look to them.
Winter can be some seriously tough sledding for guys as they try to piece together a cold weather wardrobe that doesn't give onlookers chills for being fashionable flawed from head to toe.

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