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Stream queen: Streaming music software not created equal

Anyone who has made the conscious decision to say so long to buying compact discs knows just how important finding the right streaming music software. They also realize that streaming music is only as good as the player and service they're using.
It wasn't more than a few years ago that Pandora, the stalwart music player that delivered the music at your fingertips without having to load a CD player or changer, was all the rage, mostly because it was a free service that sported stations that hit everything from rock to rap, country and classic and everything in between. Pandora also was something else that the consumer loved: free.
The downside to Pandora as your music app of choice is ironically the best and worst part about it, which is the idea that it is free and thus you have certain aspects of the service that isn't enviable. One that is hard to overlook is the radio setting that only allows you to skip so many songs before they inform customers that they're out of skips and forced to listen to what is randomly brought to the changer each time.
Pandora no longer is the music streaming app of choice, although some still use it because it, again, is free. And yes, there is a paid version of Pandora, but you're still streaming random music just without the inability to skip tracks at your leisure.
Spotify and, more recently, Music Keys from You Tube, stand as game changers in a marketplace that most likely is going to continue to evolve quite splendidly in the next decade or so. Personal preference puts Spotify a few pegs above the You Tube venture.

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You have to really love what Spotify does in that you can select and artist and have the entire catalog at your disposal, in addition to having the sporadic selections given to you from the radio settings that are just as diverse or more than that of Pandora. Music Keys puts You Tube on the map in a big way with all the bells and whistles of Spotify, including watching the music video play as a clip while the song is playing as well.
Although the Spotify and Music Keys aren't free, although they have lesser and forgettable free versions, you can't overlook these two major players as the standard in how we stream music. Undoubtedly, something bigger and better might come along, but the important takeaway from streaming music, the software and the player itself is understanding that while they all offer music, they're hardly created equal.

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