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Holiday goof: How to be certain you don't overlook baby proofing your holidays

The holiday season is here, and visions of trees, decorations, parties and presents come to mind.
But while you're in the midst of shopping, prepping and planning, you should be quick to not overlook one element of the holidays that might go overlooked amidst the hustle and bustles of everything you have on your plate.
How about baby proofing your home?
Parents with babies and toddlers probably don't need reminded just how paramount putting things out of their kids reach is, no matter what time of the year it is. The holidays add an added slice of stress as it relates to kids and potentially getting into something that can be anything from a choking hazard to an electrical issue as it relates to holidays.
But babies and small children aren't just at risk for low hanging lights, leftover bows or small pieces to toys that somehow in the mad dash of opening gifts were left laying on the carpet or kitchen floor. You also have to consider something as simple but important as allergies and the subsequent food being served at holiday parties thrown by someone other than you.

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Moms and dads undoubtedly do an outstanding job monitoring exactly what their kids are eating or what they're getting into with razor sharp concentration and almost a sixth's sense of what's happening when their children scamper out of their field of vision.
The added mass of humanity that is the holidays and people getting together might make that a little tougher sledding, so baby proofing the home if this time of year makes things a little easier to digest and takes the burden of parents of needing to have those proverbial eyes in the back of their heads.
You should always keep lights high enough where kids can't reach them, and look for labels that say things like "fire resistance" and you may want to rethink using that cozy, working fireplace unless you plan on being an living or family room fixture while it is in use.
The Christmas tree often presents quite the issue, particularly the ornaments. Much like those festive lights, you want to hang ornaments out of the reach of kids or, better yet, stick with plastic over something that can shatter and break, causing leftover glass that is nearly impossible to clean completely.
Baby proofing your home doesn't necessarily mean that you have to fixate on the negative or spend countless hours that you don't have thinking about what can go wrong. Instead, treat it like an exercise in common sense and, for parents, only adding to the safety measures you've taken around the house already for the other 300 some days of the year when you're parental nature is equally high.

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