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Excess that: Why certain indulgences aren't always advisable

The phrase "you can never get too much of a good thing" is applicable to plenty, but that doesn't always ring true for a few health and wellness related activities, foods or exercises.
If nothing else, some of them at least need reviewed to see if you're in need of an indulgence overhaul.
Take for instance the idea that you're sleeping too much. Maybe you've spent the past weekend, as you put it, recharging your batteries and sleeping a little more than you typically would do during the course of a work week.
Sleep can sometimes be viewed as a bad thing, as if to suggest you're lazy for sleeping longer than five or six hours. The truth is seven hours of sleep is ideal, and anything over and above that is considered cautionary.
Natural times of feeling tired and sleeping shouldn't be confused with the need of wanting to sleep all the time where the act of resting gets in the way of things like social interaction or working. Extreme fatigue also can be the sign of a serious medical condition that you shouldn't ignore.

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But sleeping or resting with no other mental or physical ailments linger isn't a bad thing. Getting too much sleep, however, can lead to hypertension, weight gain and stress, which ultimately can lead to heart problems and cancer.
A few foods often find themselves on the list of items that you should have in moderation but not exactly something that should be on the menu every day. Foods and drinks like sushi, water and spinach can be viewed with plenty of benefits in mind, but much like a professional wrestling story line, the good guys can turn bad without a moment's notice.
Yes, there is such as thing as too much water, which can actually dilute your system and cause you to start losing valuable protein upon going to the bathroom. Sushi is filled with mercury, which among other things can make you feel overly weak.
And even spinach shouldn't be consumed all day, every day. It can adversely affect your kidneys.
As much as you're trying to eat the right foods, you might want to consider adding some diversity to your tunnel vision when it comes to picking foods.
Much like sleep, exercise often is viewed as a positive no matter if it is five minutes, 30 minutes or two hours per day. But the last line item (the 2 hour spot) might be doing more harm than good to your muscles and joints. Over exercising is a real thing, and you should keep your gym time somewhere in the range of 30 minutes to one hour.
The goal isn't so much to take a negative and make it a positive but rather accentuate the good with knowing they can turn bad if they're done ad nauseam.

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