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Quitting time: How to know it is time to walk away from your job

For the majority of people, their job is more about a means to make money, pay bills and live comfortably and perhaps isn't always fondly looked upon as being anything more than something they have to do and, hopefully, try to enjoy in some form or fashion.
But even the most downtrodden and porous position within a company won't force the masses to do anything rash.
Like quit their job.
Typically frustration would have to truly bubble over to a serious extent for you to actually think about quitting your job. Maybe you just don't like your boss, the hours aren't ideal or the commute is actually costing your money by the time you get paid.
Whatever the reason, you still reason with yourself that any job is better than no job, right?

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Well, at least most of the time.
Quitting often is a last resort but still a course of action that you have to take, particularly if it isn't just one thing that is driving you mad but a combination of things you no longer have the patience to endure.
One major reason most decide that leaving a job cold turkey is better than trying to gut it out is how it is affecting your health and well being. If you find yourself being overly stressed, lethargic and truly putting your health in jeopardy, walking away might be just the ticket to, at the very least, relieve you of the painstaking, passionless job you're in at the moment.
Stress is the leading cause of disease, and those who are serious about being healthy and living a long prosperous life would rather eliminate their expenses and live modestly versus the alternative: sweating through one day after another and enduring a miserable existence.
Less obvious signs that it is time to say so long to your job also can include the simple fact that you aren't doing much in the way of learning or advancing. Not all quitting has to do with simply loathing your job and simply not wanting to go. Some workers long for a challenge as it relates to their career, and when they're starting to spin their proverbial wheels, they start becoming bored, less engaged in what they're doing and begin to look elsewhere for employment. Good employees ironically often are the ones that quit their jobs because no one in management or above is taking notice of what they're doing, so they leave.
Kudos to that group for furthering their career in a way that exudes an "all in" mentality. But whatever reason you have for quitting, you have to ask yourself if it is not only justified but is the kind of move that is going to ultimately make things better for you in the long run.

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