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Wheat and see: Getting through gluten free turkey day not impossible

Take a look around at the ingredients and foods that comprise your upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and ask yourself this question.
Is your turkey day prepared for the guest that is going gluten free?
Traditional Thanksgiving dinners might have more than just a few bread crumbs involved in a few of those recipes. Think about the stuffing, everything you've pushed, pulled and crushed inside your oven roasted turkey and the thick, rich loaf of bread that appeals to guests but perhaps just not all of them that surround your dinner table.
The dietary shortcomings go beyond just the gluten aspect following around the lovely spread you've delivered to your guests. Plenty of would be Thanksgiving guests who are content on feasting this year might be adverse to dairy or just allergies in general.
The good news is your home can easily be turned into a healthy haven for those headed to the dinner table who are skittish and scared for two reasons: they'll leave hungrier than when they arrived or they'll make the mistake of giving into their temptation and eat something they shouldn't and pay the price later in the evening in some form or fashion.

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Furthermore, those who can't tolerate dairy or gluten, for example, just don't want to be a burden for the at home party host who is going to the trouble of cooking and prepping food for a large group but would need to make an exception for you.
Truthfully, Thanksgiving surprisingly lends itself to taking the dairy and gluten out of the equation. The main attraction, the turkey, is a gluten free and dairy free dream as a primary course on this particular holiday. Thankfully, the gluten free market has caught up with various products that allow you to have stuffing, bread or even the crumbs without the gluten.
Dried fruit also works wonders as an added bonus to stuffing.
The lactose free community is just as rabid and influential as the gluten free one, with a vast array of products that are labeled dairy free but can easily slide into any Thanksgiving recipe you might be contemplating. You can use olive oil, dairy free cheese or soy or almond milk, for example, work wonders with any mashed dishes you might be serving.
Anyone who wants to ditch the potatoes or starch altogether should take a page from the Boston Market community and think about taking spinach, broccoli or cauliflower and transforming them from boiled and bland side dish to a "creamed" version that tastes better and appeals to a wider, more diverse audience of eaters.
The holidays always attempt to be all things to all people, and some of the more adept planners and home makers pull this off flawlessly even in the face of a menu that equal parts traditional and tailored to those who can't eat certain foods.

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