Star power: 'Star Wars' trailer doesn't show much but still plenty to whet appetite

11/29/14 by Mike Catania

Any time you hear the phrase "teaser" trailer, you immediately understand two things.
It's going to be short, and you're not going to see more than just a few flickers of images for a would be blockbuster movie you've simply can't wait to see.
What makes the announcement of a pending teaser trailer even more lucrative and exciting is when the movie is a brand that has tremendous credibility and a following that is decades in the making.

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Perhaps nothing fits the mold of that description better than "Star Wars," which released its first trailer for the 2015 release "The Force Awakens," Episode VII.
The long anticipated teaser trailer for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" debuted on November 28, 2014, and not much about the movie is revealed, but the trademark music and scenes, flying machinery and everything else that is "Star Wars" was there, although we didn't see any main, titular characters as part of the sneak peak.
Fans of "Star Wars" undoubtedly will rabidly watch and opine over every second of the 88 seconds of trailer, rewinding and studying every scene or hang on to the few words said throughout. That is the beauty of "Star Wars" and others of that ilk (although there are few with that kind of following) when it comes to how movie trailers tend to whet the appetites of their star struck fans in a way that doesn't need to be anything more than another small piece of the puzzle that leads up to that December 2015 release date.
For those associated with the movie, such as directors, stars, producers or even George Lucas and Disney themselves, the teaser trailer is calculated business as usual. The "Star Wars" faithful see the trailer as another reason to amp up their excitement and preparation for a movie they'll wait in line to see, just like they did for the first "Star Wars" in 1977 and even the rather disappointing prequels starting with the "Phantom Menace" and ending with the final chapter of the Darth Vader saga.
As more photos, information and a full length trailer comes to fruition, the fervor and passion around "Star Wars" will continually build toward that day in December next year for a movie that is nearly 40 years in the making.
And the teaser trailer did its job as part of this marketing process: give away just enough to keep everyone equally at bay and begging for more.

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