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Left winged: Creative ways to reheat and enjoy those turkey day leftovers

What's the first thing you think about after you had your Thanksgiving dinner?
Maybe you're contemplating and calculating just how many calories you just ingested and wondering if the true meaning of "Black Friday" is hitting the gym at 7 in the morning.
And speaking of "Black Friday," perhaps once you're done eating your turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes, thoughts immediately and literally turn from cranberry sauce to cramming yourself into a retail store and fighting to save money on anything from the latest and greatest toy or that flat screen television you have had your eye on for months.
Then again, for a lot of lovers of Thanksgiving, your attention begins and ends with food and all those leftovers staring you right in the face. You wonder to yourself what you're supposed to do with the pounds of turkey or even those sweet potatoes that everyone knows are good for you but no one seems to find the time to eat.
The easy fix is to whip out a few long standing recipes that are repetitive and obvious but still work well. Instead of settling for cold turkey sandwiches for lunch between two pieces of white bread, why not think out the box and extend the deliciousness beyond just that lone Thursday.

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Turkey can be transformed into everything from turkey salad with a little honey mustard and mayo or even take the entire leftover carcass and have plenty of soup just in time for the cold and flu season. That same turkey in your soup could easily be shifted from soups of the cream or thin variety and dumped alongside your vegetables that no one ate and create your own turkey pot pie with a flaky crust that can suffice for a few meals post Thanksgiving.
If you're intent on a turkey sandwich, skip the bland and go bold. Find a skillet or sandwich press, a healthy dose of the cheese of your choice and add some brown mustard and a little bit of field greens and have a huge bite out of sandwich that might make you forget just how tasty Thanksgiving was.
From a sandwich with some serious "wow" factor at lunch, go directly to dinner with either the aforementioned pot pie or soup but how about heating up a slice of turkey from the Thanksgiving table from the day before and setting it on a nice piece of nine grain bread and some gravy and re imagine the open face sandwich.
Being closed minded with what you do with your leftovers won't do your palate any favors in the days following Thanksgiving. Sure, you can zip lock and seal all of your goodies and reheat them and have a "Groundhog Day" moment over the weekend.
But rather that settle or succumb to the status quo, why not swoop in and save your post Thanksgiving treats with a little savvy work in the kitchen that goes beyond the norm.

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