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Watchful eye: Gift giving in form of watches gets total makeover

Take a look at the hype and marketing centering on "Black Friday" or other comparable advertising efforts around the holidays and one product is woefully missing from the marquee.
The watch.
Yes, sadly watches in any form really aren't what they used to be in terms of clamoring for them to give them as gifts. That said, there's still a segment of the population that loves the idea of sporting a superb Rolex to showcase anything from a sense of style to flaunting stature in the most obvious and traditional spot.
But thinking about the watch in one dimensional terms really isn't fair to the would be revolution that is happening on your wrist these days. From Fit Bit bands to watches that do more than just tell the time, the marketplace for watches isn't dead, or even dying.
It's just changing rapidly, becoming more diverse and intriguing with every new watch slash band that comes to the forefront.

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Today's watch is less about elegance and more rooted in practicality, fitness, while still having some sense of fashion. You can look at a smart watch and determine the person who is interested in that likes the idea of answering calls from their wrist in a manner that suggests ironically that time is valuable to them.
Companies like Polar put watch making high on their list but do so in a way that is equal parts innovation and customizable and pertinent. Their Polar M400 is a watch, GPS and can track activities for runners, whether or not you're a full marathon runner or triathlete or a weekend warrior bent on breaking your own personal goals.
Polar also has a particular penchant for eliciting those who aren't active to become so with products like their Polar Loop. It comes in array of colors but the real selling point is a litany of features that are tailor made to the beginner on your holiday wish list. It's not only waterproof but manages your heart rate and steps taken, along with calories burned in preparation for what will most likely be a New Year's Resolution centering on getting healthier.
The evolution of the watch often goes overlooked due to a tunnel vision like mentality as it relates to watches as a whole. You think of watches as timeless timepieces or clocks for your wrist, when in actuality they've morphed from pedestrian accessories to valuable, computer like gadgets that are almost as indispensable and valuable as that smart phone or tablet you're always quick to tout.
Still don't think you need a "watch" that does it all. Sounds like someone needs to take a serious time out and rethink that notion.

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