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Tone home: Getting fit for the masses is time sensitive

How was your first weekend of eating like a slob?
Yes, the Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone and aside from hitting the stores and malls this weekend or plopping your behind on the couch and ordering would be holiday gifts for hours on end, you probably spent "turkey" day eating more than just that protein packed bird.
A little sweet potatoes with marshmallows, plenty of pies of all different varieties and even a few alcoholic beverages undoubtedly made their way from the table to your gullet on Thanksgiving Day, and chances are you're probably feeling the effects of it Monday.
That's the day when health clubs and gyms are overrun with members working hard to feel better about how much they ate or drank. For those who don't belong to a gym or choose not to work out at home on their own, their waiting patiently for the new year, which is when the so called reclamation project that is your waistline and body fat begins.
In the midst of everything that keeps you busy year round, and particularly this time of year, time is the great equalizer (and excuse) at it relates to exercise and, quite frankly, not exercising or working out. Far too many would be exercisers argue that they don't see results quick enough because they don't have the time to devote to exercising that they need.

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Kids, work, school, a second job, dinners, lunches all add up to a busy day. Add the holidays, planning and shopping on to that itinerary and suddenly exercise and being as efficient as possible is paramount.
That's why when it comes to toning up and shedding pounds, you want to find the exercises that can do both quickly and without a lot of wasted effort and preferably something you can do from home. Sometimes once you've landed at home after a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is leave again.
What needs to happen is a clean slate: forget everything you know about exercise as it relates to a huge time consumer and start with a stability ball and a set of dumbbells. The ball can be used for basic ab crunches on a daily basis to tone your stomach, and the dumbbells can hit your arms, chest and back while you're sitting in a chair.
Anything body weight is a bonus: pushups, dips and planks come to mind. You can add a touch of cardiovascular training to those planks and turn them into burpees.
And that, ladies and gentleman, pretty much sums up a workout you can stick with that works and won't be a time killer and, more importantly, will give you all the more reason not to be guilty during the holiday spree that is eating what you want.

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