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Shop or stop: Some products are worth waiting to buy after holidays

In the midst of the holiday shopping frenzy, you may find yourself buying just about anything and everything you can get your hands on, particularly since sales are running rampant in almost every retailer.
The key word being "almost."
As much as you want to believe that holiday shopping is your money saving salvation, some products don't lend themselves to the busiest time of the year as it relates to buying gifts. Although that list is rather short, it still is worth noting, since you might be under the impression you're getting a "deal" when in actuality the savings could be much more beneficial if you waited until the new year.
What you want to pay attention to is the kind of retailer that lives and dies by ever changing inventory that hinges on the calendar turning from December to January.
The most obvious item that comes to mind are cars, and although most dealers will partake in the "Black Friday" sales that other retailers covet, you really aren't going to get your best deal on a vehicle in December. Car lots will work overtime to rid themselves of old inventory once the new year arrives, so you'd be better served waiting until 2015 to buy your next vehicle.

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Another line of products that comes to mind in furniture as these larger scale retailers and outlets like to welcome the latest sofas, end tables, chairs and dining room sets with open arms in the new year and will be quick to say so long to last year's model.
Any savvy consumers understands that the so called outdated model from only a year or a few months ago is going to be more than just satisfactory but also will come with outstanding savings attached to it, most likely in the 50-70% range.
January also is a hot bed for saving money on exercise equipment. Most of the higher end brands don't even bother discounting their treadmills or weight benches until after the general public has decided to make their New Year's Resolution one that centers on losing weight or getting fit. Fitness apparel and equipment alike is going to be priced to sell when the market is craving the product, and that time period certainly isn't around the holidays.
Most of us will be knee deep in cookies and cakes and not really contemplating how to tone up our abs.
What is worth thinking over during the holidays, however, is exactly what you'll be buying. Of course, if someone on your wish list wants a car, exercise bike or furniture, then you should do your best to oblige.
But if at all possible on those aforementioned products, waiting is the best decision you could make.

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