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Going gray: For men, dying hair is equal parts ego and trepidations

Aside from perhaps losing their hair entirely, men certainly don't embrace the idea of sporting a full head of gray hair, especially if they still consider themselves of that age when grays should be nowhere to be found.
Guys as young as 20 something might already be going gray and aren't interested in just accepting this as the norm. They certainly wouldn't mind if that gray hair arrived in their 40s or older, but it's hard to argue with wanting to do something about it.
Simply put, no one is this situation wants to hear about "going gray gracefully" or how distinguished they look.
But as much as you want to banish those gray hairs and return your locks to their original form, most men still are hesitant about coloring or altering their hair for fear that they'll look silly and the so called dye job won't give them a natural look. Far too many all over, complete hair coloring adventures end up looking unnatural and don't match closely to your original hair color enough that what turned into a grand idea of getting rid of your grays transformed into a hodgepodge of an endeavor.
The trick to taming that gray hair starts with choosing an option that works well for your situation and price point. Obviously, going to a salon would be preferable since they'll be more equipped and educated on how to make the hair coloring look professional But hair coloring typically is done once per month, and not everyone has an extra $80 (or in some cases more) lying around that frequently.

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The at home products work well if you get the semi permanent ones so they can wash out in about three or so weeks. Men might be more inclined to go that route given that most guys wear their hair short and it grows in within a month or so.
Where most men struggle on their own is trying to ultimately determine what color their hair is and match that shade just from a box of hair dye in the grocery store. The upside is the hair color washes out within 10 or 20 shampoos, so you can always fine tune the process as you move forward. You want to be cautious, however, not to dye or color your hair more than once per month at minimum; otherwise you'll be in danger of losing your hair which is just a tad worse than having it be gray.
If you're not all over gray, either, you might want to consider that brush in line of products as well. Some guys might take the route of their wives or girlfriends and use a touch of mascara on real short hair to quickly cover gray without much mess.
Any guy who tells you he isn't self conscious about gray hair isn't being totally honest. Men think about improving their looks, and hair is easily the top driver in that regard. Finding the right hair color is tough but perhaps even trickier is pulling off a color job that actually looks subtle.

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